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6 Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking Alcohol

Quitting alcohol consumption is the best favor you can do to yourself. It makes you fitter, gives you the impetus to work out, and helps you sleep better and wake up fresh. Overall health improves significantly when you quit drinking. No alcohol automatically means no snack, no binge eating, and no weight gain. Your appetite will improve significantly. You will also be able to focus and perform better every day.

7 Signs You Need To Eat More Fat

With products on supermarket shelves proudly sporting the labels "fat-free," "low-fat," and "reduced-fat," it's natural for people to hesitate before consuming fats. However, the...

Yoga To Increase Sexual Stamina: Last Longer In Bed With These Asanas

Yoga can amp up your sex life and give you the stamina you crave. You can work your pelvic floor muscles by zeroing in on your mula bandha (root lock), kandharasana (bridge pose), and the supta baddha konasana (reclining bound angle pose). Wash away fatigue and rejuvenate your body by practising poses like the balasana (child’s pose) and padmasana (lotus pose). Experience improved sex when you practice the upavistha konasana (sitting wide-legged straddle pose).
exercises to increase your sexual stamina

Exercises To Boost Your Sexual Stamina: Get Moving To Last Longer In Bed!

When it comes to fitness to build sexual stamina, some exercises pip others to the post. Kegel exercises and the pelvic bridge exercise can work those pelvic floor muscle. Strength and resistance exercises designed to boost your endurance, strength, and flexibility can go a long way to improve your sexual stamina.
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13 Remedies To Increase Sexual Stamina Naturally

Focus on a healthy diet with foods like chili peppers, apples, nuts, and beetroot juice to boost your libido, combat fatigue, and build stamina. Ayurvedic and herbal remedies like ashwagandha, vajikaranam ghritam, shilajeet, and ginseng can also help you last longer in bed. Even acupuncture can give you a helping hand. Top that off with a good exercise routine that focuses on building endurance, core strength, flexibility, and pelvic floor strength and you'll be on your way to improved sexual stamina!

Add Years To Your Life With Strength Training Exercises

Improve the quality of your life with strength training exercises. Adding strength training to your exercise routine can improve bone health, enhance flexibility, manage body weight, prevent or control diseases like diabetes and obesity. Work under the guidance of an instructor and perform 8 reps of each exercise set. Don't forget to warm up before you start strength training.
Some yoga poses help boost your stamina

5 Powerful Yoga Asanas To Boost Your Stamina

Your life may be physically sedentary, but your schedule is hectic. You have to deal with everyday stressors that are bound to wear you...

10 Mental And Physical Health Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

Laughter is an emotion that has the power to heal illness and prevent diseases. It can transform our lives and ensure health and happiness. Yet, we don’t laugh enough. Laughter Yoga is an effective method to cure many mental and physical health disorders in a natural way. Laughter strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and lowers stress. All you have to do is laugh for good health.

5 Reasons You Should Start Stretching

If you take a good, hard look at your day, you will find that you spend a lot of time sitting, mostly in front...

Stamina Vs Endurance: What Is The Difference?

Stamina and endurance use time in different ways. The length of time that you can work at maximum capacity is called stamina. If your stamina is high, you can go for a long time at full force. Sprinters are the perfect example. Endurance is all about duration of performance, regardless of capacity level. Energy is spread out over an extended period of time. For marathon runners, high endurance levels are needed to perform well.

Wonderful Health Benefits Of Root And Tuber Vegetables

Roots and tubers are packed with the goodness of numerous nutrients and minerals. Since they grow below the soil, they absorb these nutrients that are essential for mental and physical development. They are rich in slow-burning carbohydrates and fiber, and help the digestive system and regulate the blood sugar level. In some Asian countries, edible roots and tubers are also used as traditional medicinal.
Side Effects Of Stamina Pills

5 Side Effects Of Stamina Pills

Stamina pills are meant to boost energy, reduce fatigue, and prevent muscle cramps. They’re made of important electrolyte minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Taurine and vitamin B6 are often added for energy. If you frequently take stamina pills, these ingredients can build up in the blood. Symptoms are hard to notice and often include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, slow heart rate, and collapsing. Even if you don’t have symptoms, it can be really stressful for your kidneys.

10 Tips for Beginning Marathoners

26.2 miles or 42.1 kilometers are not numbers you toy with when it comes to running. Your body must be conditioned to endure the...

Myths And Facts About Diets And Tips To Choose The Right One

With so many diets coming up almost daily, choosing the right diet is getting even more difficult. Given that one diet doesn't fit all,...

Vegan Food Secrets For Increased Sexual Stamina

There are several supplements and tips that all claim to be able to boost a man's sexual stamina and improve his performance. What many...