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5 Natural Remedies To Fight Back Spring Allergies

Up your water intake - it will reduce your body's urge to generate more mucous. To strengthen your immune system, nourish your gut with beneficial bacteria from fermented foods like kimchi, whey, kefir, yogurt. Reduce exposure to chemicals - this will free up your liver to provide a better response to inflammation. Elderflower tea and nasal saline rinse can help relieve allergic symptoms.
Are Your Shoes Weakening Your Leg Arches?

Are Your Shoes Weakening Your Leg Arches?

Your toes need to be able to bend and your arches need to be able to compress and expand like a spring. The arches are not meant to be immobilized. Instead of being used as dynamic structures, feet are asked to mold around the shape of the shoe they are, which immobilizes the feet. Eventually they can become weak and lose structure.
Ayurveda: Tips For Spring

Ayurveda: Tips For Spring

Ayurveda explains the seasonal changes and its effect on our body and gives a detailed diet and exercise plan that one need to follow in a given particular season. For instance, as the snow and ice which melts after winter due to warmth in spring, likewise the accumulated kapha in the body dissolves and will cause Cold, Cough and other allergies. So, proper diet and activity which can keep Kapha in balance are advised in spring. Here are some of the do’s and don’t’s for this spring season.

Turn Spring Cleaning Into Spring Training

You can actually burn some calories and deal with the household chores. Just walking back and forth your home and organizing can contribute to your cleaning workout. Vacuuming is a high energy chore that can be compared to brisk walking. Achieve maximum results by cleaning for at least 20 minutes, because this is the required time for the body to start burning fat. When it comes to workouts, nothing can compare to car washing. It will keep you moving for at least an hour and will really work your arms. 
Missed Spring Cleanse Here’s How You Can Still Do A Detox

Missed Spring Cleanse? Here’s How You Can Still Do A Detox

In the teachings of Ayurveda, the best time of the year to do a detoxification program or Panchakarma is during springtime. The cold, heavy, sticky and dull qualities of winter along the humidity of spring can enhance or aggravate the kapha energy in the body. It is during the spring that the body feels the need to detox or expel that entire surplus. And yes, even at the end of springtime there is still time to detox and say hello to the 'Pitta' aggravating summer that completes the cycle
Spring Allergies: Nip Them In The Bud

Spring Allergies: Nip Them In The Bud

Spring Seasonal allergies can cause itching, burning eyes, post-nasal drip, coughing, sneezing, and more. These natural remedies will help you reduce the symptoms and make your immune system stronger. The remedies include eliminating consumption of dairy products, consuming raw local honey, Vitamin D, Omega-3 Fish oil supplements and adding essential oils to your shower, or just applying them on the bottom of your feet.

Ayurvedic Health Tips For The Spring Season

It is hard not to feel joyous as we leave the dark coldness of winter and transition into spring. As nature bestows us with warmer...
10 Natural Tips For Reducing Spring Allergies.

10 Natural Tips For Reducing Spring Allergies.

I could have titled this blog, How to help get rid of your snot, which is really the point, but it seemed like kind...
Eating with the Seasons & Balancing Our Organ Systems.

Eating Seasonal Foods & Balancing Our Organ Systems.

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has taught that all of our organs are paired with a season that best supports and nourishes their function. Each season, certain parts of the body are more affected giving us a window to study the pattern at which we fall sick. For a complete table of seasonal fruits and foods, swipe left.

5 Yoga Poses to Welcome the Spring

As the days start getting longer and spring flowers are suddenly abundant, there’s a feeling of newness and possibility in the air. Some of...