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Fresh ingredients make breakfast tasty and help you lose weight

5 Summer Breakfasts That Will Help You Step Up Your Weight Loss Game

In your quest to lose weight, you make it a point to work out religiously and to eat healthy foods. Most of the time,...
How To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

5 Ways To Shed Those Last Few Pounds

Weight loss is a long, and many times difficult, journey. For those of us who manage to stick on the healthy path, there comes...
best foods to eat after running

6 Best Foods To Eat After Running

If you are a runner, you will need to choose post-run foods depending on the intensity of the exercise and other goals like weight control. If you’re concerned that recovery food is limited to barely palatable “recovery drinks” and energy bars available off the shelf, think again! Fresh crunchy salads, creamy yogurts, tangy berries, and even wholesome salmon, tuna, turkey, or chicken meals can make recovering from a run a treat for your tastebuds.
best foods to eat before running

Best Foods To Eat Before Running

Eating right can help you make the most of a run. The right kind of carbs like banana or crackers which are easily digested and low-fat protein like yogurt or fish can be a great snack or meal. Water and isotonic drinks keep the electrolytes in balance and are, sometimes, all you need before you run. Steer clear of too much spice, fat, and fiber as these could ruin your run!

The Best Core Exercises For 7 Major Sports

If you’re an athlete, do sport-specific exercises to strengthen your core. Swimmers can do alternating kicks, a move that mimics swimming. Basketball players should do medicine ball squats to improve their jumping ability. The ball can also be thrown to train for baseball or used in twists for football. If you’re a runner, do crossover crunches. Do a “chopping” version if you’re a tennis player. Lastly, scissor kicks can help soccer players boost leg strength.
Stop these bad habits for a healthier relationship.

Stop Doing These 6 Things If You Want A Healthy Relationship

The age of Tinder has all of us scrambling to find a meaningful, healthy relationship. Gone are the days when meeting a nice person worked out...

Avoid These 9 High-Risk Physical Activities During Pregnancy

We can never place enough emphasis on the importance of indulging in some physical activity during pregnancy. For instance, practicing exercises regularly during pregnancy...
Menstruation and sports

A Healthy Approach Towards Taking Part In Sports During Menstruation

While there a lot of mixed opinions about menstruation and sports, the healthiest approach is to listen to your body during training. Ayurveda suggests performing at half your capacity level to keep your body safe from injuries. It also suggests following a plant-based diet to gain all the nutrients that are lost during blood flow.

5 Ways Baking Soda Can Help You Lose Arm, Thigh, Belly, And Back Fat

Baking soda is a wonderful white powder that can help you lose weight. You can use baking soda in various ways to shed the extra fat. Baking soda can be used to make sports drink, you can use it with lemon juice, green tea, and apple cider vinegar. You can also make your favorite strawberry smoothie using baking soda.
do brain games boost brainpower

Can Brain-Training Games Actually Make You Smarter?

Brain training games are much hyped these days. Millions of people play these games hoping that their brain functioning will improve. Researchers claim that there is no scientifically supported evidence that brain games can boost brain power and make you smarter. These games improve only certain areas of the brain and have been unable to bring significant changes.

How 3D Movies And Games Affect Your Eyes and Health

3D movies and games cause more eye strain than 2D viewing. The eyes have to work extra hard to focus, making poor eyesight more likely. Even the brain is forced to unnaturally interpret information, leading to mental fatigue and poor attention. Since the images are so dynamic, 3D is also linked to altered heart rhythm and visually induced motion sickness. It can be even more dangerous for children since their eyes and brain are still developing.

How To Turn Couch Potato Kids Into Active Kids

Today, children spend more time indoors than outdoors. Physical activities have been ignored and most of them are hooked to gadgets and gizmos. TV, Internet, and video games have stolen the crucial time that would have otherwise been dedicated to outdoor sports and activities. An increase in obesity and other serious ailments are being observed in teenagers. Simple ways mentioned here can help kids become active and involve in outdoor activities.
Alkaline Meal Plan Rules

6 Rules For A Super Healthy Alkaline Meal Plan

Following the rules of an alkaline meal can help your body feel energtic and healthy. If you are a beginner, there are a few rules you need to follow. If you are looking to restore your health, make sure to eat 80% of alkaline sources and 20% of acid-promoting foods. Make sure to have plenty of veggies, fruits, seeds, and nuts. Eat healthy fats, complex carbs, and plenty of fiber.
sports groom kids into better individuals

7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Sports

All of us would agree that playing sports is vital for a child’s physical and mental growth. But, is that all? The answer is...
Drinking water constantly prevents dehydration

5 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Avoid Dehydration

Cracked lips and dark colored urine are signs alarming enough to indicate your body is in need of water. While drinking water consistently throughout the day is the easiest solution, making other lifestyle changes also helps. Some of them are, avoiding diuretics, dressing up according to the weather, replenishing the lost electrolytes with sports drinks and snacking right.