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7 Common Drinks That Are As Unhealthy As Soda

Soda is one of the worst things for your health. And if you've decided to swap your soda needs with an energy drink or fruit...
9 Seemingly Healthy Supermarket Foods To Stay Away From

9 Seemingly Healthy Supermarket Foods To Stay Away From

With so many clever marketers around, it's hard to tell the good food products from the “fake” or unhealthy ones. Be warned, most of...

8 Foods That Contain An Alarming Amount Of Sugar

If you consume excess added sugar, you might face an increased risk of heart disease and obesity. Some foods that contain excess sugar are cereal, dried fruit, pancakes, granola bars, fruit juices, and flavored yogurt. To reduce your sugar intake, try preparing these foods at home using less sugar. Also, read the labels before buying and go for the ones that are sugar-free or low-sugar.

8 Things That Have An Influence On Our Brains

The brain might be responsible for our physical and psychological health, but research states that certain factors in life influence certain parts of the brain. Sports improve information processing, concentration, and memory. Attentive reading and painting improve cognition. Excessive sugar consumption causes cognitive decline and depression. Falling in love improves social cognition. Pregnancy shrinks grey matter, which develops maternal instincts. Stress and dehydration impair memory.

10 Reasons You Should Play Board Games With Your Kids

Don’t wait for bad weather to bring out the board games! Playing board games with your kids has way more benefits than you think it...

5 Effective Pediatric Tips To Raise Healthy Kids

Pediatricians know what is best for a child and his or her health. But there are a lot of things they don’t share with...

Why Does Your Pee Burn All Of A Sudden?

The very term “burning pee” can send chills down your spine. It is always a painful experience to feel your pee burn, especially hurting...

Best And Worst Exercises To Do When You Have A Cold

When you're down with a cold, exercising is probably the last thing on your mind. However, in some cases, doing moderate physical activity may...

5 Practical Advantages Of Moving In With Your Partner

The concept of ‘live-in’ might be a little hard for some old timers to process and some conservatives to graciously accept. From the time...
Experiencing Uncontrollable Anger Constantly May Begin To Affect Your Quality Of Life, Relationships, And Work

Top Ten Anger Management Tips That Everyone Could Use

Anger is a negative emotion that we experience in response to a situation or person that may be causing us to feel threatened or...

The Key To Happiness Lies In Being A Child Again

Sometimes we get so busy adulting and being responsible, we forget about enjoying the simple pleasures in life – like we used to as children. Finding your inner child is a good way to de-stress your mind. You can do this by indulging in activities such as watching cartoons, indulging yourself in a little bit of coloring, or playing board games with your friends and family.

4 Things A Strong Woman Refuses To Do In A Relationship

I’ve learned something that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands, you need to be able to throw something...
These healthy drinks are not so healthy and should be avoided

5 Of The Worst Beverages You Can Drink

Some drinks are worse than they seem. After exercise, don’t bother sipping bright sports drinks, which are packed with artificial flavoring and colors. Diet soda has artificial sweeteners that can actually make you crave even more sweets. Fruit and veggie juice sound healthy, but bottled versions are packed with sugar. Flavored coffee drinks and lemonades are the same deal. When possible, make your drinks at home to avoid unnecessary calories.
Habits that ruin your teeth.

11 Ways In Which You Are Ruining Your Teeth

Even though you brush regularly, your teeth could become damaged. Grinding your teeth, munching on oily food, smoking, regularly drinking soda, red wine, and coffee are some of the habits that could prove harmful to your teeth. To have healthy teeth, recognize these habits, and work towards putting an end to them!

6 Habits That Can Keep You Fit During The Summer

Keep your body fit during the summer with an early morning run. Drink enough water to keep you hydrated to beat the heat. Engage yourself in team activities like Zumba classes to keep yourself motivated. Find a new interest to keep your mind occupied. Discover your favorite adventure sport and get enough sleep for a healthier you.