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back pain at night

Causes Of Back Pain At Night

A day spent slouching at the desk or an evening spent dancing on high heels affects the spine curve and leads to back pain at night. A very soft or a hard and uneven mattress won't support your back and will worsen the pain. If change in sleeping and sitting posture doesn't lower the pain, and you aren't pregnant, see a doc and test for spinal arthritis or tumors, kidney stones, or a cancer of the abdominal organs.

Ayurvedic Insight And Remedies For Cervical Spondylitis

In Ayurveda, a traditional holistic Indian health care system, Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatments are the best option to reduce the symptoms of neck pain and disc compression as experienced by those suffering from the malady of Cervical Spondylitis.
Can Yoga Cure Spondylitis

Can Yoga Cure Spondylitis?

  Understanding the disease is the first thing that lets you know its remedial measures. Thus, first of all, it is important to know that...