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Spearmint tea has many health benefits.

12 Benefits Of Spearmint Tea For Better Health

Packed with antioxidants, spearmint tea can help combat hormonal imbalance like PCOS, improve digestion, boost immunity and fight chronic diseases like cancer. This invigorating herbal brew boosts respiratory and heart health, reduces inflammation, prevents bad breath, provides natural stress relief, and improves memory.
Certain herbal teas can settle the stomach effectively.

7 Teas That Soothe And Settle The Stomach

Sometimes, we have those bad days when our stomach is not in its best shape. It might just be a mild irritation or a...

7 Ayurvedic Herbs That You Can Grow At Home

To make an Ayurvedic garden, choose herbs with medicinal properties. Bright light, water, high-quality soil, and pots are the main essentials. For natural pain relief, grow peppermint and spearmint. Lavender, chamomile, and valerian will reduce stress and promote sleep. To keep mosquitos away, grow citronella and use it in ointments. Tulsi and marshmallow are amazing for treating skin irritation and common colds. These herbs can be used in teas, salves, and candles.

4 Special Kitchen Ingredients To Cool Off This Summer

Summer time can be stressful and gets you dehydrated very quickly. The best way to handle the heat and keep your body and mind cool is to hydrate yourself constantly. If you're bored of just water, experiment with soups and infused tea. These 4 recipes are sure to make not only your taste buds tingle but also give you a very easy and refreshing summer.

Health Benefits Of Spearmint You Should Know

Spearmint is at its best when it's green and fresh. The spearmint leaves may appear tiny but it's a storehouse to several health benefits. Respiratory health, heart health, digestion, hormonal imbalances, or blood circulation, spearmint can help improve them all. It can also help reduce stress.

The Truth About Essential Oils And Cancer

The benefits of essential oil is no secret. Studies have found that some of the essential oils are quite helpful in curing cancer. Citrus oil contains d-limonene, that is a very important cancer-fighting agent. Sclareol, found in clary sage, eliminates cancer cells via a process called apoptosis. Myrhh has more anticancer properties than frankincense. Peppermint essential oil and anti-oxidants in lavender can help with cancer too. Lemongrass essential oil activates a number of mechanisms that eliminate cancer cells. Thyme essential oil is the most effective against prostate, lung carcinoma, and breast cancers.
essential oils for nausea

7 Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Nausea And How To Use Them

Ginger essential oil can cure nausea, even if you’re pregnant or just had a surgery. Peppermint and spearmint oil can ease symptoms of headaches, light-headedness, and vomiting. If your nausea is from anxiety, use lavender oil for stress relief. Sweet citrus oils like lemon, orange, and bergamot essential oils can help relax an upset stomach. These oils can be placed in a diffuser or diluted with a carrier oil.

8 Herbs And 4 Vegetables You Can Grow In Water Alone

Want to just pluck some fresh herbs and veggies right from the plant off your kitchen counter, but not want to worry about the...

Natural Ways To Remove Facial Hair

Spearmint tea and papaya are effective natural remedies for facial hair removal. However, they are not permanent.

Reduce Belly Fat And Remove Toxins With These Magical Herbs

Losing weight from your belly is one of the most difficult things you will ever do. You have to completely revamp your entire lifestyle. There are...

Powerful Herbal Remedies Right Out Of Your Garden.

Nowadays, supermarkets and pharmacies are flooded with different medicines intended to give the customer the relief they need and help them improve their health....