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What Is The Recommended Diet For A Person On Dialysis?

A balanced diet is essential during dialysis. Keep a strict tab on your fluid intake. Legumes, beans, and cottage cheese will provide safe protein. Eat oatmeal and oat bran to keep cholesterol levels low. Keep salt in check by cutting down on processed foods; use lemon zest, vinegar, mustard for flavoring. Choose foods low in potassium - apples, pears, berries, radish, asparagus, and zucchini.
5 Shampoo Ingredients That Harm Both Your Hair And Health

5 Shampoo Ingredients That Harm Both Your Hair And Health

This new year, you’ve decided to take better care of your hair. From applying heat protection sprays before styling your mane to once-a-week deep...

4 Compelling Reasons To Reduce Consumption Of Highly Processed Foods ASAP

None of us are strangers to the dangers of consuming highly processed foods. The increased sodium and sugars, decreased nutrients, and presence of trans...
Tips To Spot Clean Foods At The Supermarket

7 Harmful Ingredients To Watch Out For In Packaged Foods

If you are trying to be more mindful of the foods you are eating, it is important that you look deeper than just the...

Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

When your heart beats, it pumps blood, which carries oxygen, to different parts of your body. As the blood moves, it pushes its way...
6 Toxic Skincare Ingredients You Definitely Want To Avoid

6 Toxic Skincare Ingredients You Definitely Want To Avoid

Toxic chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and dioxins are potent endocrine disruptors that cause damage to the reproductive system and fertility defects in both men and women. Aldehydes and sodium lauryl sulfate are other toxins that trigger skin allergies and are also associated with an increased risk of cancer, while phenoxyethanol, widely marketed as a 'safe ingredient', can cause skin irritation and damage to the central nervous system.

9 Disgusting Ingredients In Food That You Eat Everyday

These ingredients pass off as natural flavors or colors but here's what they truly are. Red food dye is often derived from crushed insects called cochineals. Titanium dioxide is used in paint companies but also added to whiten ranch dressing. There is flame retardant in our soda and our sugar is bleached using animal bones. It would be wise to think twice before buying these products.

Fluid Retention And How To Get Rid Of It Naturally

When excess fluid accumulates in tissue, fluid retention (edema) develops. Common symptoms include swelling, puffiness, and redness. If you stand or sit all day, avoid edema by moving around. Get a massage and elevate the swollen body part. Wear bandages, pressure sleeves, or support stockings. Decrease high intake of sodium, a mineral that “attracts” water. Diuretic foods will also get rid of extra fluids. Have food allergies? Stay away from allergens to prevent swelling and redness.

A Nutrient Deficiency Coffee Lovers Are Likely To Have

Coffee contains caffeine, a diuretic that promotes sodium excretion. For most people, this is good news. Americans already eat way too much salt! But if you are on diuretic drugs or sweat a lot, caffeine may lead to sodium deficiency. Just 90 milligrams of caffeine can make you lose 437 milligrams of sodium through urine. To avoid deficiency, add a dash of salt to coffee or non-dairy creamer.
Tips And Foods For Eating On A Low Sodium Diet

Tips And Foods For Eating On A Low Sodium Diet

Buying fresh produce, looking at baked good labels, using specific grain varieties, and eating unsalted snacks can help you maintain your low sodium diet. When you go to a restaurant, choose fruit or vegetable appetizers instead of bread and soup. Also, use lemon juice and pepper instead of salty dressing for your main course and eat unsalted sides. Fresh fruits, sorbet, and frozen yogurt are ideal options for when you’re on a low sodium diet.

7 Great Reasons Why Pechay Is So Good For You

Pechay, or Chinese cabbage, is a staple in Asian cuisine. If you’re trying to lose weight or prevent heart disease, give it a try! This vegetable is low in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Pechay will also add to your intake of vitamin A, potassium, and calcium. There isn’t much to it, but it’s still quite healthy. Use it to add texture in soups, casseroles, and stews.
Cold cuts are quite popular, and can be a good source of nutrients.

The Health Effects Of Eating Cold Cuts

Cold cuts, also called lunch meat, can be bought prepackaged at a supermarket or at a deli shop where it can be sliced according...
10 Foods People Mistakenly Avoid That Are Actually Healthy

10 Foods People Mistakenly Avoid That Are Actually Healthy

Many foods that were once commonly consumed are mistakenly avoided by some health conscious people. New studies from scientific research may occasionally mislead food enthusiasts to omit certain foods from their daily diet, although in reality, these foods may be good for the health. By avoiding these actually good foods, people might be depriving their body of the much-needed nutrients.

Dried Beans Vs. Canned Beans: Which Is The More Nutritious Choice?

Many people use shortcuts to save cooking time. Canned beans are preferred over dried beans as canned beans can be used straight away. Whereas, dried beans must be soaked overnight and then boiled or cooked, which is very time consuming. While canned beans may save time, it also loses out on its nutritional value, which is essential for our body’s optimal performance. But, dried beans contain more of its nutrition and supply the body’s nutritional needs. Learn about the difference in nutritional values between dried beans and canned beans.

9 Major Nutritional Differences Between Shallots And Onions

Shallots look like small onions, but they're actually quite different. The flavor of shallots is mild and light. When they're cooked, they lose flavor, making them better for raw foods. Onions hold their flavor after cooking. Both vegetables are great for lowering blood glucose and diabetic risk. Compared to onions, shallots have more calories, sodium, calcium, iron, and potassium. However, both the same amount of vitamin C and zero cholesterol.