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Health Benefits Of Moringa Leaves

7 Compelling Reasons To Add Moringa To Your Smoothie

Breakfast smoothies are great way to pack as much nutrition as possible to start your day. If there’s one ingredient that you need to...

Cooking With Tea: An Art Of Pairing Tea And Food

Reap the benefits of tea by adding them to your dishes. Make your breakfast oatmeal more flavorsome adding tea leaves to the water or milk you use. Add ground tea leaves to the marinade you use for meat or vegetables. Enhance the flavor of your baked goodies like cookies, desserts, and smoothies with tea leaves.

The Health Benefits Of Persimmon And How To Use It

Persimmons, ‘the food of the gods’ isn’t exactly popular among Americans but it’s time we found out why the gods love it so much....
10 Deliciously Easy Ways To Use Overripe Fruits

10 Deliciously Easy Ways To Use Overripe Fruits

Throwing away food is a criminal waste. We often throw away overripe fruits even though they may still be edible and tasty. If it is completely rotten and inedible, then it is better to throw them. But, most overripe fruits can be converted creatively into many tasty foods that even kids will love. Since they will also contain some nutrition value, it will make an excellent delicious and healthy snack.

A Pineapple And Turmeric Smoothie For The Dreaded Flu

Catching a common cold is quite common. Pineapple and turmeric are simple foods that strengthen us from the inside-out. With a powerhouse of antioxidants and vitamin C, pineapple helps strengthen immunity. Turmeric is considered a superfood with its free radical scavenging ability to cure common colds and sore throats in no time. In order to get the full benefit of the two super foods, we have to combine them. A pineapple and turmeric infused smoothie is a great option, with some coconut oil and dates for added flavor.
Chocolate Smoothie Recipes To Help You Lose Weight

7 Chocolate Smoothie Recipes To Help You Lose Weight

Dark chocolate is considered better than milk chocolate for weight loss. When paired with weight loss foods like chia seeds, bananas, strawberries, mint leaves, Greek yogurt, or raspberries, chocolate is a great ingredient for smoothies that can help you lose weight. Coconut milk and almond milk are a great alternative to cow milk. Avoid using sugar in the smoothies. However, you can use honey to make your smoothie sweet.
Easy Ways To Load Up On Greens

8 Clever Ways To Get More Greens Into Your Diet

Leafy greens are undoubtedly one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. If you’re looking to revamp your diet, adding more greens is...

10 Healthy Sounding Foods That Have More Sugar Than A Candy Bar

What’s worse than gaining weight? Gaining while eating foods you thought were slimming! That’s so not cool but completely possible. Most people don't know...

How Chocolate Can Enhance Brain Function

Chocolate is teeming with plant chemicals called flavonoids, which protect neurons, promote survival, and boost regeneration. Flavonoids also protect the brain from injury, which is often seen in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. They also help short-term memory and improve blood flow to the brain! To enjoy chocolate in a healthy way, add it to oatmeal, dairy-free milk, smoothies, pancakes, or silken tofu.

6 Smoothie Ingredients To Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Smoothies are popular drinks which when made with the right ingredients can provide you with numerous health benefits. Using ashwagandha, bee pollen, maca, rhodiola, and almonds in your smoothies can give you an instant energy boost and also improve your memory, focus, and overall cognition. Chia seeds not only improve your mood but can also reduce the risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.
Healthy Foods That Are Really Not Healthy

7 ‘Healthy Foods’ That Are Really Not Healthy

Fat-free salad dressings hamper the absorption of nutrients from your salad. The very popular whole-wheat bread is usually stripped of its vitamins and minerals during its preparation. Also, non-fat yogurt, flavored instant oatmeal, and energy bars contain a lot of artificial sweeteners to enhance the taste. Acai bowls are packed with calories and carbs. Some bowls could contain more than 800 calories.
5 Sneaky, Delicious Ways To Eat More Veggies

5 Sneaky, Delicious Ways To Eat More Veggies

Somehow, we just can’t bring ourselves to eat as much of them as we ought to. Why? Because we don’t like vegetables. Here is the ultimate cheat guide for those who aren’t major fans of veggies. From green smoothies and vegetable noodles to crunchy, baked chips and delectable desserts – these helpful pointers will make it so much easier to match up to your daily recommended intake of vegetables.
Add a few ingredients to make your green smoothie boost weight loss.

5 Magical Ingredients To Add To Smoothies For Weight Loss

Smoothies are health-friendly, fulfilling for the tummy, and a great food to facilitate weight loss. A lot of nutrients added to smoothies make them...
Get Your Chopsticks Out And Enjoy Some Zucchini Noodles

10 Low Carb Zucchini-licious Recipes

If you are one of those conflicted people who desperately want to cut down on carbs but also happen to be a major foodie...

7 Unconventional And Delicious Ways To Use Pumpkin

Pumpkins are not only tasty but are also packed with nutrients. Most people use pumpkins to whip up the regular dishes that we all know about. But, by being creative, imaginative, and experimental, you can use pumpkins in many other interesting ways to improve taste, texture and nutritional value of your food. From salad dressings to smoothies, pumpkins can be used in many unconventional ways.