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Skullcap: Health Benefits, Side-Effects And Skullcap Tea

Skullcap has been used for over two centuries by people across the world in treating various diseases. Skullcap contains many properties that are beneficial in treating cancer, heart diseases, pain, inflammation, flu and other conditions. Many studies have been conducted by acclaimed institutions that have scientifically proven most of its benefits. However, it has some side-effects and certain precautions must be considered before using skullcap.

Habits And Herbs To Help You Sleep Well

Establish a regular time for bed, sleep on your back, minimize lighting and avoid excess mental activity, medications, sleeping pills, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Chamomile and Lavender essential oils in a warm bath before bed, can help you relax. Hops, Passion Flower, Skullcap and Valerian have a calming effect. An hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours of sleep after midnight.