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Your Bad Breath May Point To One Of These Six Health Conditions

Medically termed halitosis, bad breath can a result of several factors including dental disease, poor dental hygiene, oral infection, dry mouth, food consumed, or...

7 Simple And Easy Alternative Uses Of Olive Oil

You can use extra virgin olive oil to remove your makeup and moisturize your skin. Any type of olive oil can also be used to polish your furniture and shoes. Because of its anti-inflammatory features, olive oil can help treat a diaper rash and it acts as a protective barrier against rashes and infections. Only use extra virgin oil for skin-related issues.

8 Rare Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis And Their Treatments

Multiple sclerosis patients experience unique symptoms. Some are common while others are rare. Since the disease affects the brain and/or spinal cord, normal day-to-day functions may be disturbed. Indistinct speech, uncontrollable shaking, choking on food and drinks, migraine-like headaches, seizures, and hearing disabilities are a few of the symptoms.

7 Tips To Prevent And Reduce Acne Breakouts In Men

Maintaining a healthy skincare routine can prevent acne breakouts. Make sure to wash your face twice a day with soap and water or natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar. Exfoliate every week and use a face mask made of oats and yogurt to prevent oil build up and shrink pores. Besides this, use sunscreen every day, avoid nicking hair while shaving, wash hair regularly, and don't pick at your pimples.

12 DIY Gram Flour Face Masks For Gorgeous Glowing Skin

One of the hard aspects of aging is managing your skin. As the days go by, your skin hardens, becomes saggy, and makes you see your age, even if you don't feel it. Instead of going the cosmetic way to take care of your skin, choose a natural option: gram flour. Along with other healthy ingredients, gram flour will keep your skin young, clear, exfoliated, and healthy.

Treat These 6 Issues To Manage Your Dandruff Trouble

Dandruff is easy or hard to manage based on its root cause. While dry flakes go away post winter season, dandruff due to oily skin, psoriasis, or fungal growth require more efforts. To avoid dandruff buildup, follow healthy practices like washing hair regularly, avoiding product residue in hair, and eating right. Treating dandruff problems on time can prevent further issues.
(Red lentils can be used for excellent skin care regimes.

5 Awesome Ways You Can Use Red Lentils In Your Beauty Regimen

Look around your kitchen for natural ingredients to work wonders on your skin and hair. Often, we have a party to attend or a...

Forehead Acne: 5 Possible Causes And 5 Home Remedies

If you are constantly troubled by forehead acne, factors like hormonal imbalance, stress, or even poor digestion may be triggering it. Harmful hair care product use and improper hygiene practices could also be responsible. Try home remedies like tea tree oil, lemon juice, honey, aloe vera gel, and diluted apple cider vinegar to reduce your forehead acne. Also, ensure that you eat healthily and maintain proper hygiene for clear, infection-free skin.

7 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sleep To Enhance Beauty

Make the most of your regular sleep to enhance your beauty. Use soft fabrics to avoid friction between your sheets and skin and change pillow covers to reduce the skin’s exposure to bacteria. Sleep on your back if possible to prevent wrinkles from forming. Tying or braiding your hair, removing makeup before sleep, and moisturizing keeps your skin soft and free from impurities. Keep the bedroom temperature within 67℉ for optimal sleep.

How To Use 5 Beauty-Enhancing Fruits On The Skin

On the skin, the vitamins C, A, and E help produce collagen and fight oxidative stress. Vitamin A also supports the creation of skin cells while vitamin E absorbs UV radiation, making it perfect for photoprotection. For a moisturizing face wash or mask, mash up banana or papaya. Berries are also extremely high in antioxidants, so they’re perfect for healthy masks. Mango plus sugar creates a vitamin-rich scrub, while watermelon water can be used as a cooling toner.

Every Woman Needs To Know These 6 Signs Of Leukemia

The bulbous ends of your bones contain large quantities of a fatty substance known as the bone marrow, which is responsible for producing new...
What these different odors mean for your vagina

5 Different Vaginal Odors And What They Mean

Every vagina has a distinct smell and most times, this is completely normal. The vagina consists of millions of bacteria, both good and bad....

5 DIY Face Mask Recipes With Charcoal

Whenever we have an upcoming event and the acne and blemishes are wreaking havoc on our skin, we become skeptical about attending the event itself....

7 Ways To Use Coconut Oil As A Skincare Product

On the skin, coconut oil is extremely versatile. Use it as a gentle makeup remover at the end of the long day. As a face wash, coconut oil will do away with dirt and excess sebum. You can also apply it on the skin and lips for a moisturizing effect. Thanks to its antimicrobial benefits, coconut oil works as an acne spot treatment and wound protectant. Slather it on to relieve irritation and redness from a sunburn.

Can Baking Soda Get Rid Of A Foul Vaginal Odor?

Vaginal odor can be an embarrassing problem for women. It is something that women find hard to discuss even with their gynecologists. Having a...