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4 Serious Underlying Health Problems Your Dry Skin May Indicate

You usually don't give it too much thought when you have dry skin. You slap on some moisturizer and you are good to go....

Why Green Tea Cream Could Be Your Skin’s Best Remedy

Green tea is a delicious drink, but you can also find it in face creams. Its antibacterial polyphenols work against acne-causing bacteria. The polyphenols will also control sebum production, another cause of pimples. If you’re worried about wrinkles, green tea creams will strengthen the skin. Plus, polyphenols are antioxidants, so they’ll protect your cells from free radicals. Together, these benefits rejuvenate the skin and prevent cancer.
Skin benefits of avocado

7 Ways Avocado Benefits Your Skin

Avocados are full of essential fatty acids and vitamins. These nutrients will protect your skin from sun damage, a process called photoaging. Wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, and sunburns will be kept at bay. Instead of buying fancy creams, use avocados to moisturize and thicken the skin. Even wound healing will improve! Plus, the nutrients in avocados are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative, giving you protection from skin cancer.
Things Your Eye Color Might Reveal About You

6 Things Your Eye Color Might Reveal About You

Your eye color may say a lot about your health and personality. It might indicate if you’re likely to get age-related macular degeneration, vitiligo, and melanoma. It may also reveal if you are competitive and trustworthy and if you drink a lot of alcohol.
symptoms of skin cancer

How To Spot The Signs Of Skin Cancer

New spots, open sores, or patches of skin that bleed easily and don't heal are all possible signs of skin cancers. A melanoma is typically above 6 mm, has asymmetrical shape and uneven borders, and changes in shape, size, or color. A pearly bump or an open sore can be a basal cell carcinoma, while a wart-like growth or a bump with a scaly top can be a squamous cell carcinoma.

Why Should You Use Sunscreen?

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Dangers Of Using Cosmetics

Due to their abilities to promote flawless skin and perfectly sculpted look, cosmetics have become an irreplaceable part of women's lives. It is not...

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Essential Oils Help You Fight Skin Cancer

Can Essential Oils Help You Fight Skin Cancer?

Beta-elemene in frankincense oil suppresses tumor growth and triggers destruction of cancer cells. Black raspberry seed oil is rich in skin nurturers like vitamins A and E and contains flavonoids that prevent metastasis of cancers. Myrrh oil kills cancer cells and also cures eczema, ringworm, and itches. Sandalwood essential oil inhibits the multiplication of cancer cells by damaging their DNA.
Is Your Skin More Prone To Cancer? Watch Out!

Is Your Skin More Prone To Cancer? Watch Out!

Some causes of skin cancer are not applying enough sunscreen. Buy sunscreens with broad spectrum and avoid too much sun. In case your sunscreen gets washed off, make it a point to re-apply. Ensure that your sunscreens also offer UVA protection. Completely avoid indoor tanning beds and go for tanning solutions instead to minimize or avoid risk of skin cancer.
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Early Signs Of Skin Cancer- How To Recognize Skin Cancer?

Skin cancers including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma often start as changes to your skin. They can be new growths or precancerous lesions, changes that are not cancer but could become cancer over time. Some early signs to recognize skin cancer could be asymmetry in moles, blurred or uneven edges, different and changing colors, and change in shape and size of the mole.