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teps To Do A Perfect Body Weight Squat

Steps To Do A Perfect Squat And 3 Easy Squat Variations

To do a perfect body weight squat, make sure your feet are apart, slightly wider than your hip distance. Keep your head up erect, eyes ahead, and extend your arms out in front of your chest. Bending your knees (as if sitting on a chair), lower your body and press back up through your heels. Variations to the basic squat include jump squat, dumbbell squat with shoulder press, and sumo squat with dumbbells.
These yoga practices will help improve brain function.

5 Yoga Poses To Help Improve Brain Function

Yoga has been shown to increase cognitive function, decrease anxiety and stress and improve mood. The inverted poses allow for better blood circulation, better attentiveness and awareness. Other poses help the mind remain calm and relieve stress. Poses like sarvangasana, padmasana, paschimottasana, halasana, and tadasana help improve brain function. Meditation and breathing exercises/pranayama have been shown to increase and preserve gray matter in the brain.
fountain of youth" exercises can energize and revitalize the body

The 5 Tibetans: Energy, Vitality And Youth

The Five Tibetans, also known as the Five Rites of Rejuvenation, is a system of yoga exercises that is believed to be 2,500 years...
Yoga on airplane to relieve stress

Yoga Stretches You Can Literally Do On An Airplane

The best way to combat stiff hips or lower back pain are yoga poses that you can do before you board a flight or even on your seat. Deep breathing or shoulder exercises help you relax and relieve stress before you board the flight. Other yoga stretches like shoulder shrugs, twists, or a hug for your upper back are also helpful to ease the body and relieve the pain.

5 Types Of Body Pain That Could Be Fatal

Good health is the greatest treasure in this world. If you are healthy you can achieve anything, and if you are not, your life...
Can a tight bra cause chest pain

Side Effects Of Wearing The Wrong-sized Bra

We can't agree enough on the fact that fancy bras entice us from any corner of the store. Being wooed by the variety of...

Health Benefits Of Belly Dancing

A belly dancing workout involves dance moves that tone your abs and body. It can be as simple as hip and torso circles. These moves require you to move your hips or torso in a circular motion as if you were hula hooping. Doing figure 8s can also strengthen your thighs. If you have tense shoulders, do shoulder rolls. The alternating circular movements will loosen up tightness. The camel move, which looks like an “S”, is amazing for the spine.

What Is A Belly Dancing Workout?

Belly dancing is mesmerizing to watch. From the outfits to the music, it seems so mysterious! However, it’s so much more than a pretty...

Yoga For Cough

Common cold and cough are the two most common infections we face during a seasonal change. The body's immune system fights them effectively. However,...

Preeclampsia: Signs And Symptoms

Preeclampsia is a dangerous condition pregnant women can develop usually after 20 weeks. In very rare cases, it might occur even before the completion...

5 Simple Yoga Poses You Can Do During a Flight

Traveling puts stress on your mind and muscles as you carry heavy luggage, sit for long periods of time, or wait in line ups....

If You Are Too Stressed, You Will See These 8 Signs

Our body is a complex machine, and it reacts to external changes. Sometimes we fail to read the signs and think that our pain...

3 Fab Ways To Keep Holiday Binge At Bay

Looking for a way to avoid bingeing during the holidays? These 3 simple tips will keep your cravings at bay and help you fully enjoy your holidays!

How Are You Sabotaging Your Sperms?

Who knew what a little indulgence in bacon, Internet, and sauna could do to your sperms? Realize 6 mistakes that are harming your boys and take control.

What Sleeping Positions Might Imply About Your Relationship

Experts have proved that your sleep position can reveal a lot about your relationship. When you share a bed, your sleep position can be right from spooning to the freedom lover, which will say a lot about what's going on in your relationship. Each individual personality and habit will influence sleeping styles. Sleeping is an intimate act that is typically only shared with your significant other. Try to use it as a meaningful learning moment.