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What Are The Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage Therapy?

In TCM, diseases are believed to be a result of energy imbalance or qi in the body. Shiatsu massage involves the application of pressure techniques on key meridian points to correct the internal energy flow and re-energize circulation. It can help address a number of physical+mental health issues, including lower back pain, fibromyalgia, nausea, stress and anxiety.

Can Japanese Shiatsu Technique Help Beat Insomnia?

Finger pressure on the right spots can work wonders to help you sleep like a baby. The minor physical alterations, brought about by applied pressure, restore the body’s energy balance and leaves you stress free. Shiatsu helps subdue environmental, medical, and mental insomnia stimuli. It cumulates dispersed “shen” to the heart and relieves pain, allowing you to sleep peacefully.