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How Can Shamanic Healing Solve Your Problems?

Shamanic healing is the oldest form of energy healing. A shaman – who performs shamanism – believes that we not different from nature. For shamanic healing – that happens via the relationship between the sufferer, the spirits, and the healer – the sufferer does not need to adhere to any belief systems. Certain difficulties block our energetic system and the supposed way of its flow. Shamanic healing removes and heals these blockages, using the natural tools like feathers, crystal, oil, stone, and the voice.

Signs That You’re A Healer Didn’t Know It

Shamans were the healers of every indigenous village and as times passed, they went into hiding or are not really recognized as such in...
Bronchial Asthma And Ayurveda [Part 2]

Bronchial Asthma And Ayurveda [Part 2]

Bronchial Asthma (Shwas in Ayurveda) is caused by allergies to food, exposure to dust and smoke, injury to vital organs, anemia or respiratory tract infection. It is curable if treatment starts at an early stage (within 1 year after detection). Ayurveda suggests Holi Basil, Ginger, Winter Cherry, Shirishadi kwath, Shwaskuthar Rasa, as effective herbs in its treatment.