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Is It Safe To Have Sex During Period?

Yes it is if certain precautions are followed. Sex during menstruation can ease PMS symptoms in women and eliminate room for mood swings and headaches as orgasms release endorphins. Make sure you use a condom to prevent bacterial infection, STD's and clean up after coitus. Don't forgo contraception as there is still a chance of pregnancy.
Is FDA Approved Women Libido Booster Addyi Overhyped?

Is FDA Approved Women Libido Booster Addyi Overhyped?

Addyi is expected to work by changing the balance of particular brain neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. It claims to improve women's sexual experience but comes with various side effects like nausea and dizziness. Instead, change lifestyle habits like skipping workouts, sleep deprivation and heavy dinner to improve libido.
Shilajit - Ayurvedic Wonder Herb For Sexual & Mental Vitality

Shilajit: Ayurvedic Wonder Herb For Sexual And Mental Vitality

Shilajit can heal memory problems, treat Alzheimer's disease, improve circulation to the brain and increase the production of growth hormones. It enhances RBC to help cope with anemia, balances insulin secretion to maintain blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation. It can also increase sperm count, rid premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Ayurvedic Insights On An Ideal Sexual Life

Proper indulgence in sex can nourish oneself. Ayurveda says that under certain circumstances sex and orgasms be restricted. As sex increases vata in the body, the seasons of the year, time of day, foods consumed are all factors to be considered while indulging. Foods and guidelines to reduce vata effect are to be followed to maximize benefits from indulging in sex.
Cramping after sex during pregnancy is normal in most cases.

Cramping After Sex During Pregnancy: Is It Normal?

It's normal to experience cramping after sex in a low-risk pregnancy. Orgasm, oxytocin released due to the stimulation of the nipples and genitals, and the prostaglandins in your partner's semen can all cause minor uterine contractions. These soon subside without hurting the baby. But if you have a complicated pregnancy or are at risk of preterm labor and miscarriage, ask your doctor.
Foods that kill sex drive

Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive And Reduce Your Libido?

Foods that can kill your libido are bottled water, mint, canned foods, coffee, sodas, chocolate, alcohol and tobacco. While mint and chocolate reduce testosterone levels the others lower sex drive in general. Other causes for reduced libido include stress, anxiety, hormonal problems and consumption in drugs.
How To Boost Your Sex Drive With Sex Coffee?

How To Boost Sex Drive With Sex Coffee?

This sex coffee has the ingredients to effectively boost your libido. Maca, Cacao, Cinnamon, Honey and Coconut Milk collectively help boost hormone production, improve semen quality, delay menopause, lower blood sugar, improve stamina and improve sex drive. For the complete recipe swipe left.
Can Vitamin D3 Improve Male Sexual Performance

Can Vitamin D3 Improve Male Sexual Performance?

Data from the University of Milan indicates that low levels of vitamin D can be a significant factor in leading to erectile dysfunction (ED). Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a long-list of health conditions including atherosclerosis. Vitamin D is critical to the proper functioning of the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. Without sufficient levels of vitamin D, these endothelial cells become more susceptible to damage and dysfunction that ultimately can lead to the development of atherosclerosis as well as arterial calcification.
Sex Drive Killers

6 Surprising Sex Drive Killers

1. Stress: Releases Cortisol which weakens testosterone levels. 2. Relationship Problems: Can kill the urge or interest to have sex. 3. Alcohol: Slows down overall circulation and sensitivity to nerve endings. 4. Lack of sleep: Reduces production of important hormones. 5. Obesity: Can cause impaired blood flow to genitals. 6. Depression: Kills ability to have sex.
Are Birth Control Side Effects Ruining Your Life?

Are Birth Control Side Effects Ruining Your Life?

I have yet to meet a single woman who has taken birth control without experiencing any side effects at all. When I meet women...
Why you should have sex in the morning?

Why You Should Have Sex In The Morning?

When you begin your day making love to your partner, the feeling of bliss shared, remains with each one throughout the day. It can improve sperm quality and fertility in women. Contributes to healthy hair and skin. Decreases cardiovascular risks. Increases immunity. Men’s testosterone levels are highest in the morning which helps them perform better.
Antidepressants Blunt Feelings Of Love & Sexual Function.

Antidepressants Blunt Feelings Of Love & Sexual Function.

A recent study raises a new issue with long-term antidepressant use, adding another reason for consumers to seek alternatives. The study, conducted by researchers...
Ashwagandha for sex

Ashwagandha For Sexual Rejuvenation – How To Use?

Ashwagandha increases nitric oxide production which is helpful in dilating blood vessels and is a key factor in maintaining penile erection. Consume 3-6 gms of Ashwagandha powder and sugar with equal proportion of milk everyday to increase sperm count and stamina. You can also mix Ashwagandha with sugar, honey, and ghee to increase semen quality, sperm count, and mobility.

Vegan Food Secrets For Increased Sexual Stamina

There are several supplements and tips that all claim to be able to boost a man's sexual stamina and improve his performance. What many...

15 Vegetarian Foods That Can Increase Your Sexual Stamina

Eating the right foods can enhance passion and sexual stamina for both men and women. These 15 vegetarian foods will help increase sexual stamina and keep your love life going. They are Banana, Beetroot juice, Peanut butter, Red grapes, Oatmeal, Coffee, Beans, Citrus fruits, Coffee, Brown rice, Apples, Soya bean, Maca, Dry fruits, Pumpkin and Corn.