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How You Can Get The Benefits Of Meditation?

Meditation improves our mental abilities, strengthens our immune function, and helps us become more empathic. The SOS method is a comprehensive mindfulness technique that incorporates the latest scientific discoveries. Simplicity of Stillness (SOS) method activates the natural healing potential in the mind and body which helps to diminish the lasting effects of trauma. Meditation reduces stress, illness, depression, and anxiety. Meditation improves relationships and self-esteem and increases creativity.
Creative Ways To Share Yoga With Children

6 Creative Ways To Share Yoga With Children

Teaching kids yoga creatively is not just fun for them but also for you. You could get them to tell a story or sing a song about yoga poses. Play a fun game of yoga Pictionary or musical mats (along the lines of musical chair). Help them learn how to meditate with chants about a quality they admire.
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7 Major Reasons Why People Have Low Self-Esteem

Millions of children suffer from low self-esteem issues. Studies claim that children who were raised in families with uninvolved parents; had a history of being bullied or abused were most likely develop low self-esteem. It is important to understand the causes of low self-esteem in order to understand, how to raise confident children.
Causes And Risk Factors Of Bigorexia

5 Causes And Risk Factors Of Bigorexia

Bigorexia is a type of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) that doesn’t have one single cause. Risk factors may stem from cultural beliefs, peer pressure, and expectations for athletic performance. It is also linked to low levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that controls emotion and behavior. If a person has a relative with BDD or obsessive-compulsive disorder, bigorexia is more likely.

8 Warning Signs That You Have Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem give in to arguments easily, apologize often, and get easily depressed, especially when criticized. While buying new things gives them a false sense of empowerment, they find it tough to leave abusive relationships or even voice their opinion. Men with low self-esteem might also become overcritical of their partners. Kids with self-esteem cower away from challenges and are oversensitive.
sports groom kids into better individuals

7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Sports

All of us would agree that playing sports is vital for a child’s physical and mental growth. But, is that all? The answer is...
how to help someone overcome alcohol addiction

How To Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Getting over alcohol addiction or helping an alcoholic may seem like an endless, bumpy road. There will be times it will even feel like...

Why It Is Good To Maintain A Grateful List

Writing a grateful list reminds you of the good things in your life, thus making you happy and healthy and heightening your sense of well-being. It also helps you overcome difficult situations. Making a note of your positive experiences helps boost your morale and prevents you from feeling resentful toward successful people. Make your grateful list before going to bed to sleep better. You can also rid yourself of materialistic cravings by penning down a grateful list.
How To Build Self-Esteem

12 Powerful Tips On How To Build Self-Esteem

A low self-esteem is when you've negative thoughts and a lack of confidence in yourself. This slowly leads to a self-deprecating behavior that won't let you move on in life confidently without comparing yourself with others. Before this leads to severe depression, learn to believe in yourself, appreciate what you do, get some "me" time, help others, and help yourself.

10 Tips On Increasing Your Self Esteem And Self Confidence

To be successful in all walks of life, it's important to have high self-esteem and self-confidence. Remember, you are unique so, don't compare yourself with others. Think positive about yourself, meditate daily, and visualize yourself happy to keep your mind strong and positive. Be grateful for everything you have, accompany good friends who hold you in high regards, and treat yourself. Stop demeaning yourself, holding back to the past, and trusting social media posts as what you see is not always right. And, pursue your secret desires or do what you always wanted to, to boost your confidence.
Being a Mother: 7 Ways Motherhood Benefits Your Mental Health

7 Ways Motherhood Benefits Your Mental Health

Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling phases of a woman’s life. Happiness overwhelms you when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. You...

10 Things You Should Do To Feel Happy With Yourself

Let go of your mistakes, be optimistic, and laugh out loud with chums who get you. Eat well, work out, pamper yourself, wear stuff that make you feel pretty, and do what you love, be it reading or talking to a friend. You're the priority. Be proud of your achievements. Dream big. And every time you look in the mirror, say "I love you," because if you love yourself, the world will too.
5 Simple Tips To Stop Judging

5 Simple Tips To Stop Judging

Avoid other people's thought patterns from influencing you. When something really bothers you, it's your own “mirror” and not so much about the other person. Improve your self esteem, sometimes judgement comes from not feeling good about ourselves. Before judging someone else, think about if you’ve probably done the same thing yourself.
Building Positive Affirmations And Self Acceptance

Building Positive Affirmations And Self Acceptance

Write down all the self-critical things you habitually say to yourself and try understanding and eliminate them. To build self-acceptance, you need to talk to yourself in an encouraging and reassuring way, use affirmation audios for self-empowering, appreciate yourself, be mindful, learn to express your emotions and feelings appropriately.
Mindset, Habit and Commitment For A Better Change

Mindset, Habit and Commitment For A Better Change

When you set an intention for what you desire in life and review it daily, you will begin creating and experiencing a transformation in...