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12 Home Remedies For Dandruff Right From Your Kitchen

Massage your scalp with any of these: onion juice, garlic paste mixed with honey, honey mixed with water (80-20 ratio), fresh aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil mixed with grapeseed oil, amla juice, or a paste of hibiscus leaves. These inhibit the dandruff-causing fungus Malasezzia, and some of these also nourish the scalp with minerals like sulfur or healthy amino acids.
Apricot seeds are very beneficial

7 Health Benefits Of Apricot Seeds And Apricot Seed Oil

Apricot seeds are an uncommon snack but they do pack a punch on the health front. They can help increase immunity, stabilize blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure, treat irritable bowel syndrome, reduce dandruff, and treat acne. The seeds also have antioxidant properties and act as an anti-inflammatory. They contain compounds which were once studied as an effective cancer treatment but were banned because of their potential toxicity.

11 Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Young And Healthy

To keep your hair looking young, avoid over-shampooing. Condition every time you wash your hair. When you rinse out conditioner, use cold water to seal the pores. Protect your scalp from the sun as well. Avoid tight hairstyles to prevent hair loss. If your hair is thinning try a biotin supplement to get things growing again. These practices keep your hair looking shiny, luscious, and soft.

7 Changes You Need To Make To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair

In many individuals, the scalp can become really oily due to hyperactive sebaceous glands. This causes hair to appear oily and even dandruff and scalp acne to occur. Washing it every alternate day can be very beneficial in such cases. An apple cider vinegar rinse can also help. Avoid oil-based hair products and use a fuller's earth hair pack and ea tree oil infusion for daily massage.
Rubbing alcohol is an effective remedy for cleaning and healthy living purposes

The Unbelievable Uses Of Alcohol: From Cleaning To Healthy Living

You must have heard of people using alcohol to clean a cut or a wound to reduce infection. Have you ever wondered the reason...

Nine Types Of Insect Bites To Watch Out For

Summer brings with it the joy of camping outdoors as well as the horror of being bitten by creepy crawlies. We may smear insect...
Uses of olive oil that go beyond cooking.

7 Uses Of Olive Oil That Go Beyond Cooking

Olive oil is a staple in most kitchens. However, its benefits go beyond cooking. Its antibacterial properties treat fungal and bacterial infections. It can also be used to suffocate head lice. When combined with honey and beeswax, olive oil suppresses cytokines and heals diaper rashes. Regular doses of olive oil can treat constipation. Cyclosporin A, a compound found in olive oil, significantly delays hair shedding. Olive oil also reduces sun damage and relieves knee pain.
Why mango butter is good for your hair and skin.

8 Surprising Things Mango Butter Does To Your Skin And Hair!

Mango butter contains vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties. Applying it on your hair and skin can give you several benefits. Mango butter battles acne, reduces stretch marks, reduces inflammation, and even treats wounds. It also moisturizes your skin, hair, and scalp, keeping them soft and nourished.
Aspirin: The Miracle Beauty Drug You Weren't Aware Of

Aspirin: The Miracle Beauty Drug You Weren’t Aware Of

From fighting off dandruff and restoring hair damaged by chlorine discoloration to treating sunburns, cold sores, and calluses – there are now more reasons for you to want to keep some aspirin handy. However, do not overuse treatments with aspirin as this may burn your skin and cause or aggravate irritation. It is also recommended to first check if you're allergic to aspirin before proceeding with these DIY beauty hacks.
castor oil has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties Benefits Of Castor Oil On The Hair And How To Use It

Benefits Of Castor Oil On The Hair And How To Use It

Castor oil can replace multiple hair products. It contains ricinoleic acid, a compound that fights inflammation and fungal overgrowth, two causes of dandruff. The oil has also shown benefits for hair loss, conditioning, and frizziness. You can use it alone or make a serum with argan, jojoba, or grapeseed oils. As a carrier oil, castor also works as a base for essential oils that help hair growth.
health issues that trouble most men

7 Most Annoying Men’s Health Issues And How To Fix Them

Just like women, men too have their share of health issues ranging from hair loss to prostate cancer. While there are some serious issues...
: Hygiene Facts To Help You Stay Clean

7 Facts About Personal Hygiene You Probably Didn’t Know

All of us try our best to stay squeaky-clean. We have dozens of bottles of shampoos and soaps in our bathrooms, carry hand sanitizer...
7 Signs That Tell You Have Healthy, Shiny Hair

7 Signs That Indicate You Have Healthy Hair

Healthy hair has a natural shine to it and will not appear dull. You will not experience unusual hair fall or breakage and can run your fingers through it easily because of its smooth texture. In humid conditions, healthy hair remains in its original form and does not turn frizzy. Healthy hair has a healthy scalp with no dandruff.

Everything You Need To Know About Pubic Lice

Pubic lice can spread through sex, close contact, or poor hygiene. About 3 million Americans get it each year. Pubic lice aren’t dangerous, but they’re very itchy and irritating. You might be able to spot them on pubic hair. Dark skin spots, fatigue, and fever may also crop up. Treatment calls for a medicated lotion, gel, or shampoo. To prevent a pubic lice infestation, avoid having sex with someone who has it until treatment is done.
Dry skin

5 Pesky Dry Skin Problems And Remedies

Crazy work schedules, constant deadlines, and never-ending targets can take a toll on our health and skin. One problem that can arise from our...