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4 Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

Sweet potato is rich in nutrients that not only load you with energy but also help you lose weight. Some healthy sweet potato recipes for breakfast include the maple walnut sweet potato bowl, sweet potato and quinoa salad, peanut butter sweet potato bowl, and savory egg and sweet potato scramble. These breakfast combinations are not just filling but also easy to make.

6 Ways To Sneak More Nutritious Veggies In Your Diet

Americans don't eat enough vegetables on a daily basis. This can lead to various types of deficiency diseases. There are interesting ways to ensure that your diet is filled with lots of veggies. These include adding them to garnishes, dips, pestos, guacamole and baked goodies like pies and tarts, Grain-free noodles can also be made from vegetables which are perfect for people with gluten intolerance.
Bread and jam

Bid Adieu To Jam For A Healthy Start To Your Day

Some tasty jam on a toasted slice of bread is one of the most favored breakfasts of all time. For decades, kids have been...
You Can Follow Simple Ayurvedic Practices To Improve Your Digestion

5 Ways To Boost Your Digestion With Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and the world's oldest healing system. It stems from two roots words: ayush, which means "life," and...

Delicious Ways To Eat Your Oats: Quick Oats Recipes.

Oats has become a perfect breakfast meals from generation to generations. Who wouldn’t want to start the day with a boost of strength and...
Savory Brazil Nut Beauty Butter Recipe.

Savory Brazil Nut Beauty Butter Recipe.

Hello there! Set aside your usual peanut butter jar – it’s time for a change…New and Better – Savory Brazil Nut Beauty Butter!!! I always...