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4 Ways Your Gut Could Be Affected Due To Sadness

Your brain and gut are related. If you’re upset, so is your digestive system. Constipation has a strong link with depression, affecting 65 percent of diagnosed people. It can also be caused by changing eating habits and lack of fiber. Diarrhea is another possible digestive problem. This can lead to dehydration, so it’s important to treat. Anxiety is a major risk factor for nausea, while stress can cause irritable bowel syndrome. Re-balance your gut by focusing on prebiotics and probiotics.
(not much awareness about depression

7 Misunderstood Things Every Depressed Person Wants You To Know

There is not much awareness about depression because if you have never suffered from depression, it's hard to understand what a depressed person is...
sad vs. depressed: know the difference

Depression Vs. Sadness: Know The Difference

Sadness is normal, depression isn’t. Dismissing major clinical depression could put your health or even life at risk. If you’ve been grappling with sadness for months with no reason or if you've suddenly begun eating more or lost your appetite completely, there could be more to it. If you’re finding yourself snapping easily, if you're unable to deal with a lot of what you could before, and if sleep is hard to come by, it's time to consider the possibility that this might just be depression.

Positive And Negative Effects Of Sex On The Brain

Though we have sex less often than we think about, it still is a vital aspect of everyone’s life. Our brains are engineered to indulge in sex as it is a technique of procreation and gives immense pleasure. Sex has many positive benefits on our brain. It also has a few negative effects. It is important to know the good and the not-so-good effects of sex on our brain.
melancholic depression can have a more adverse effect on your mental and physical wellbeing.

6 Symptoms Of Melancholic Depression

The word melancholy comes from the Greek word "melancholia", which means "black bile" and was coined in the fifth century B.C. It was termed...
causes of depression

3 Causes Of Depression You Probably Didn’t Know

Depression, a recurring mental disorder plaguing more than 300 million people worldwide, can stem from traumatic life experiences and substance abuse or may just be a result of your genes, not in your control. Belonging to a family with a history of depression, lack of omega-3s in your diet, chronic illnesses like Parkinson’s, and even certain medications can put you at a higher risk of suffering from depression. Seek help if you are struggling to come out of your sadness.

How To Create Abundant Happiness And Joy

Depression is a major problem. More people are diagnosed with depression than ever before. Because of this epidemic, many people are taking medications to...
What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

What To Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

Accept what happened, you know you can't change it. Give yourself some time to feel -anger, grief, sadness. Then, take a deep breath and let it go. Keep moving and focus on the present. Invest energy in a place that you can do well in than in a negative space. Focus on the present, learn from your mistakes and avoid similar situations in the future.
Flower Essences To Dispel Stress, Sadness & Anxiety.

Flower Essences To Dispel Stress, Sadness & Anxiety.

Did you know that the earth has given us all we need to take care of our emotional health and wellness? No matter how...