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We Need To Ensure That We Do Not Get Let Down By Our Need To Be Gratified Immediately

Delayed Gratification: What It Is And 4 Ways It Can Help You

“Good things come to those who wait.” We live in an age where we can get the things we want faster than we ever did...

9 Crazy Things Every Pregnant Woman Wishes Her Husband Knew!

Pregnancy signals change. Everything changes – your life and your priorities, and your body. And for some, pregnancy can lead to insecurities. Pregnant or...
Thing You Should Not Be Doing To Your Breasts

8 Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Breasts

Are you giving your breasts the tender loving care they deserve? While breasts are almost every woman’s favorite feature, most of us take them...

7 Morning Workouts To Stay Energized All Day

Forget the caffeine. With the right morning workouts, you’ll have lasting energy without the crash. Aim for exercises that increase heart rate and blood flow. Classic options include jumping jacks, push-ups, and burpees. If you hate running, do running mountain climbers instead. Jump squats are great for cardio as well. To work your abs and break a sweat, do Russian twists and twist crunches. Start with 10 to 20 reps and increase reps over time.

6 Supplements For Every Man Who Works Out

Locker room conversation at the gym is usually rife with men trying to one-up each other about how they are loading up on the...

Top 9 Yoga Poses For Runners

There are many reasons why we fall in love with running, including a heightened sense of well-being, freedom, and extra energy. This euphoric sensation,...
You can elevate your training in the gym by trying these techniques

5 Ways To Take Your Fitness Routine To The Next Level

Make exercise more fun with a workout buddy. It’s a great way to increase motivation, making you work harder and better than before. Listen to upbeat music to improve both heart rate and performance. If you’re serious about weightlifting, invest in a belt to prevent back injuries. You can also use waterballs instead of medicine balls for a greater challenge. To mix things up, try walking or running backward. It’ll burn more calories and strengthen muscle.

How Walking Backwards Is The Healthiest Exercise

Retro-walking or running burns more calories than moving forward. It’ll also increase muscle strength, as the muscles stretch and shorten differently. At the same time, it reduces shock absorption, so you’ll be less likely to damage muscle and tear the ACL. Moving backward even helps lower back pain, a common problem. Plus, since you need more energy to go in reverse, heart rate improves.

Should You Run When You’re Sick?

Runners are determined folk. They run. And they run. And then they run some more. Come hail, rain or sunshine. But what about times...
What To Eat Before A Run If You're Vegan

5 Vegan Snacks You Can Eat Before A Run

Most people believe that you cannot be vegan and a strong athlete at the same time. This is mostly because vegans have very few...
Running on wet sand has more benefits than you think

3 Benefits And 5 Tips Of Running On Wet Sand

Running on wet sand sounds like a lot of fun, something you would do with your group of friends. But do you know just how much this simple exercise can benefit you? Running on wet sand has been proven to instantly improve your mood, make you feel energetic, reduce the chances of injury during the exercise, and burn more calories in a short span. Just be sure you're wearing the right gear for this fun way to race on the sand.

6 Essential Foods That All Runners Should Add To Their Diet

Running is an exercise form that requires both burst of energy and endurance. Professional runners train to develop both these attributes. Good nutrition can help. Salmon is a fat-rich fish, but it also contains a generous dose of proteins, minerals and the ever-important omega 3 fats required for good heart health. Cherries help in faster muscle recovery, while almonds, broccoli and bananas provide energy and essential minerals. Skim milk is a better alternative that soy variants for faster muscle repair.

6 Habits That Can Keep You Fit During The Summer

Keep your body fit during the summer with an early morning run. Drink enough water to keep you hydrated to beat the heat. Engage yourself in team activities like Zumba classes to keep yourself motivated. Find a new interest to keep your mind occupied. Discover your favorite adventure sport and get enough sleep for a healthier you.
best foods to eat after running

6 Best Foods To Eat After Running

If you are a runner, you will need to choose post-run foods depending on the intensity of the exercise and other goals like weight control. If you’re concerned that recovery food is limited to barely palatable “recovery drinks” and energy bars available off the shelf, think again! Fresh crunchy salads, creamy yogurts, tangy berries, and even wholesome salmon, tuna, turkey, or chicken meals can make recovering from a run a treat for your tastebuds.
best foods to eat before running

Best Foods To Eat Before Running

Eating right can help you make the most of a run. The right kind of carbs like banana or crackers which are easily digested and low-fat protein like yogurt or fish can be a great snack or meal. Water and isotonic drinks keep the electrolytes in balance and are, sometimes, all you need before you run. Steer clear of too much spice, fat, and fiber as these could ruin your run!