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5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Arsenic In Rice

Rice is the dietary staple for half of the world’s population. Eating rice is a major cause of exposure to the class one carcinogen inorganic arsenic. Rice has tenfold more arsenic concentration than dietary grain staples. Cook rice in such a manner that arsenic levels are reduced. Avoid rice-based baby food and formula. Use rice milk only when there is no other alternative available.
Dairy Milk Alternatives Know The Pros And Cons

Dairy Milk Alternatives: Know The Pros And Cons

Soy milk has good protein, calcium and is low in saturated fats. But look for a non-GMO certified milk. Almond milk has high sodium and high level of beneficial Vitamin E. Macadamia milk has omega-3 fatty acids. Hazelnut milk is high in carbs and calcium. Coconut milk has low protein and high-fat content. Hemp milk has low protein and high omega 3 fatty acids.