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Why Correct Breathing Is As Important As Nutrition

Though we don't take breathing correctly as seriously as nutrition, it is just as important for overall health. Improper breathing like mouth breathing disrupts growth and development in children and worsens asthma, bad breath, and allergies. Breathing and nutrition play an equally important role in managing body functions like heart rate or digestion, reducing stress, preventing bronchial asthma, reducing muscle fatigue, and improving immunity. Practice deep breathing and diaphragm breathing.

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Face Is Swollen

Puffiness in the face develops when fluid builds up in the facial tissues, but it can also show up in the neck and upper arms. This might be due to reactions to food, pollen, toiletries, or medicine or due to infections like sinusitis, tooth abscess, or a skin infection called cellulitis. Hypothyroidism, or an inactive thyroid gland, means that your body doesn't make enough hormones. This can show up as metabolic changes that puff up the face.

What To Do If You Get Pneumonia While Pregnant

Pregnant women are at a high risk of pneumonia, especially if they already have any other underlying illnesses. The symptoms mostly are the same as that of ordinary pneumonia- cold, cough, fever, chest pain, etc. The key to staying safe is not ignoring any symptoms, especially if the woman is already affected by asthma or anemia. If you notice any flu-like symptoms, immediately consult a doctor and discuss the safest course of treatment.

5 Health Conditions That Don’t Need Antibiotics

Antibiotics aren't always needed to tide through an illness. On the contrary, they might lead to antibiotic resistance and worsen your symptoms. They might also cause severe diarrhea and allergic reactions. Hence, knowing when to avoid them is important. Most respiratory illnesses, especially viral disorders, don't benefit from antibiotics. Antibiotic products don't benefit eczema, pink eye, or ear infections. Lastly, asymptiomatic bacteriuria is natural in older women and don't need any antibiotic treatment.
Throat Polyps Symptoms, Causes, Treatment And Remedies

Throat Polyps: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment And Remedies

Throat polyps are the fleshy growths that develop on the vocal chords. They are non-cancerous and are not linked to any specific disease or illness. It occurs among many adults and can occur on one or both vocal chords. Throat polyps may affect the ability to speak and may cause airway obstruction. Though they generally disappear on their own without requiring any medical treatment, it's good to see a doctor.

Quick And Efficient Ways Of Treating A Runny Nose

A runny nose is uncomfortable. Adequate rest can relieve it, but simple home remedies can help as well. Use saline drops and a steamer. Eat foods with ginger or peppers to help thin out mucus. Honey and holy basil also relieve congestion. Massage the sinuses, apply a warm compress around the nose, and stay hydrated to relieve a runny nose quickly. Lastly, lead a stress-free life to prevent catching a cold in the first place.

Study Proves Tdap Vaccine In Pregnancy Prevents Whooping Cough in Babies

Every expectant mom takes utmost care to ensure the safety of their baby. Apart from eating well, there are a few other things you...
symptoms of tonsillitis

Signs And Symptoms Of Tonsillitis To Watch For

Tonsillitis can leave you feeling tired from a painful sore throat. This is often accompanied by flu-like symptoms such as a runny nose, fever, and sore eyes. Your inflamed and swollen tonsils can also cause bad breath, dehydration, earache, and difficulty swallowing. Little children may become irritable and refuse food due to the pain from swallowing. Learn to watch for these symptoms, especially a high fever or signs of dehydration or excessive drooling in young children, so you can get them timely help and ease their discomfort.
There are myths we must not believe in about things we should and shouldn't do in winters

It’s Time You Stop Believing These Cold Weather Myths

Not all of us like the winters. Well, some of us surely love that cold wind blowing outside and the chills down our spine...

Answers To Seven FAQs About Sinusitis

Does your head hurt when you bend down or when you wake up in the morning? Does your face feel stuffy, painful and congested?...
Headaches can be of different types according to their locations.

All You Need To Know About Headaches And Their Locations

People get headaches in different parts of their head and due to different reasons. A headache in the front of your head is not...

5 Common Signs Of GERD To Watch Out For

You may choose to ignore symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, and chronic cough. But did you know that these can be your body’s warning signals for GERD? Occurring on their own or along with chest pain or difficulty in swallowing commonly veers toward a GERD diagnosis. So watch out for these symptoms and seek help at the right time as an untreated disease can lead to many other complications, including cancer.
busting food myths

5 Silly Food And Nutrition Myths Debunked

Contrary to the popular myth, eating carrots cannot ensure you perfect eyesight and in fact, too much of beta-carotene can increase the risk of cancer if you are a smoker. Microwaving food is a good way to preserve various water-soluble and heat soluble nutrients in food when compared to conventional cooking. There are so many myths that exist about food and nutrition and it's important that we know them.
Common Signs In Our Body That Indicate Health Issues

Common Signs In Our Body That Indicate Health Issues

Certain behaviors in our body are common and normal, like sneezing and snoring. However, these can indicate an underlying health issue! Constant sneezing is an indicator of an allergy, as is frequent mucus formation in the throat. Snoring is a serious condition that can result in sleep apnea. An off-color eye discharge with itching can be an infection. Stress can lead to heart disease and depression and rashes can be an indication of leukemia.

Signs Of Mold Illness And How To Know If You’re At Risk

Mold is a fast-growing fungus that loves warm and damp places. If it gets out of control, it can cause sick building syndrome, a set of symptoms that cause illness. Common signs include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. It might cause typical allergy symptoms like dry coughing, sneezing, red eyes, and rashes. Have asthma? Mold can trigger attacks! To determine your risk, get an allergy test and keep your house clean.