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Don’t Overlook Cosmic Energy Healing Just Yet

To most skeptics and believers of science, the idea that we may possess “cosmic energy centers” within us might sound ridiculous but the fact...
Skeptics Should Take Another Look At Energy Medicine Before They Disregard It

Six Things You Must Know About Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is one of those things that most of us roll their eyes at when we hear about it. We can’t help but...
Reflexology: Massaging Points On Your Feet Improves Health

Reflexology: Massaging Points On Your Feet Improves Health

Many ailments and aches can be effectively treated or cured by massaging specific points on the palms and the soles of our feet. This technique is called as reflexology. The soles of our feet are divided into five distinct zones and each zone corresponds to a particular organ. By applying pressure on these specific pressure points, we can relieve aches and cure diseases.

8 Reflexology Points To Press On Your Baby’s Feet To Relieve Pain In Various...

Reflexology is one of the less invasive and non-chemical treatments, that is just perfect for calming down babies. Adults can communicate what is wrong...

The Healing Touch Of Reflexology

Reflexology is a type of massage therapy based on the theory that all parts of the body are represented by specific spots in the hands and feet, and that stimulating these spots can have a positive effect on the corresponding body part. It's been found to relieve anxiety and pain, assist with loss of sensation and pain in those with diabetes, ease constipation, and help reduce premenstrual symptoms. It can even alleviate sensory, motor, and urinary complications in people with multiple sclerosis.
How To Practice Reflexology At Home To Treat Common Ailments?

Benefits of Reflexology: Practice To Treat Common Ailments

Headaches- massage your big toe in circular motions; Stress - Use a ring created by thumb and index finger and twist the opposing wrist gently. Sleep disorders - massage center of the big toe and fingers; Cold flu- massage the finger tips on your hand to just above the knuckle; Digestion- lock your fingers around a tennis ball and rub it on the bottom of your palm.
Reflexology: Natural science of pressure therapy

Reflexology: The Natural Science of Pressure Therapy

Reflexology is as interesting as it sounds. According to online dictionaries, reflexology is “a alternative medical science of relieving pain or curing illness, by...