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All calories are not processed the same way

Here’s How Your Body Processes Different Kinds Of Calories

Weight watchers usually start out any meal by religiously counting the calories in it first. However, the old formula of weight loss being proportionate...

Is Brown Sugar Really Healthier Than Refined Sugar?

Brown sugar has been in the market for quite a while now and a lot has been written about it over the years. Many...

6 Hazardous Ingredients Hidden In The Modern Diet

The modern diet today has a lot of processed, packaged and GM foods, There are certain ingredients that can cause several health disorders lurking in today's diet. Refined sugar and salt are found in almost every food item and are known risk factors for diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Similarly, soyabeans, additives, trans fats and GMO's are proven to be unsafe for human consumption.

Why Overexercising Is Bad News For Your Gut

One might think exercise can do no wrong, but overdoing it can induce a leaky gut. The physical and emotional stress is enough to change the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa, leading to poor immune response, low energy, and mood swings. To remedy a leaky gut, take time to rest. Get things back in balance by eating probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber-rich foods. Limit or avoid refined sugar and enjoy anti-inflammatory foods like fatty fish.
health benefits of inulin fiber

6 Reasons Why Inulin Containing Foods Are A Must

Inulin is a water-soluble fiber that has low glycemic index. Being a fiber, it serves as a prebiotic and serves as a breeding ground for probiotic bacteria that are essential for good gut health. Inulin is also been widely used as a healthy alternative to refined sugar. It can also increase calcium absorption thereby lowering the risk of osteoporosis in girls and post-menopausal women.

7 Things To Do To Retain Your Youth

Aging is a natural progression of life as time stops for none. Even though we can’t turn back the clock and regain our lost...

7 Tips To Eat Clean And Detox Your Body With Amie Valpone

Looking for ways to detox and eat clean to fight illnesses? Read this inspiring story and take away tips to rid your body off toxins for overall wellness!

16 Cancer-Causing Foods You May Be Eating Daily!

Cancer is a dreadful disease which looms over majority of people. There is more good than harm by being aware of the foods which cause cancer. These 16 cancer-causing foods in the list might be in your diet everyday without your knowledge about their effects. Check out the list and keep it out of your diet to stay away from cancer.
9 Foods You Thought Were Healthy, But Should Avoid

9 Foods You Thought Were Healthy, But Should Avoid

So, do you think you are eating healthily? A lot of products are regularly advertised as being “healthy”, but are actually not that good for...