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Red grapes are good for your heart, eyes, and immune system.

Health Benefits Of Red Grapes: 10 Reasons To Snack It Up

Red grapes contain protective antioxidants that can do you a wealth of good. Research shows that they help fight inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, keep your blood vessels healthy, and protect your vision. They may also help with weight loss, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. They also show promise in fighting cancer and neuropathy.

7 Foods To Eat When Chemotherapy Isn’t Enough

Chemotherapy may be harsh on the body, but it isn’t fool-proof. Cancer stems cells may survive the treatment and spark new growth. Eat carrots and tomatoes since they are rich sources of anti-oxidative vitamin A. Enjoy broccoli for sulforaphane and pineapple for bromelain, two compounds that kill cancer cells. The flavonoids in kale will also find and destroy free radicals, while red grapes and blueberries disrupt essential pathways needed for cancer development.
Foods that have medicinal properties

7 Medicinal Foods You Need To Eat More Of

Opening up your medicine cabinet every time you fall sick might help you recover faster, but can also leave you with several side effects....

8 Foods To Eat And 5 Foods To Avoid To Prevent Acne Breakouts

Researchers have found out that following a diet that is rich in certain foods may help in significantly controlling and preventing acne. Eating a diet that is rich in vitamin E, healthy fatty acids, minerals like magnesium, and allicin can significantly help fight acne-causing bacteria and inflammation, prevent the clogging of pores, and keep acne breakouts at bay. Also, avoiding foods that are high in preservatives, trans fats and saturated fats, and sugar content can contribute to fighting acne. Remember though, that not everyone's body reacts to the same foods in the same way. Therefore, start by slowly adding, and eliminating one food after another to find out what foods are responsible for your acne breakouts.

9 Foods That Naturally Increase Your Skin’s Defense Against The Sun

Summers are when you spend a lot of time outdoors, but being outdoors leaves your skin vulnerable to sunburns, inflammations, and in the long run, skin aging. Apart from using a sunscreen that offers UV protection, you can also boost your skin's natural defense against the sun by including certain foods that are high in antioxidants in your diet.

Top 10 Foods That Prevent Acne And Irritated Skin

Are you staying away from chocolate and French fries with great difficulty in the name of preventing acne? Then it's high time you realized...

5 Superfoods For Endometriosis

Studies suggest that regular consumption of foods high in vit C (bell peppers) and resveratrol (blueberries, red grapes) can help reduce the size, volume of endometrial cysts, thus relieving you of pain. Additionally, foods rich in omega 3s (salmon), iron (spinach), fiber (flaxseeds) can help detoxify excess estrogen out of the body and counter inflammation.