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Eating certain foods can help you settle down your disturbing tummy issues

These 6 Foods Will Help Ease Digestion

If you are one of those people with food intolerance or a troublesome tummy, eating out can wreak havoc on your digestive system. In...

5 Healthy Alternatives For Sour Cream

Sour cream might be tasty, but the high calorie and fat content might have you wanting something healthier. Try protein-rich alternatives such as Greek yogurt or cottage cheese instead. You can find healthier options even if you are vegan, lactose intolerant, or just allergic to milk? Keep your diet in check without giving up on the taste with these healthier food choices.

6 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of A Fever

A fever is your body's defense mechanism against an infection. If your temperature is higher than 99°F or 37.2°C, you might be having a fever. To break a fever, get enough rest and don't go out of the house. Drink at least 2 liters of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and eat blank probiotic-rich food like yogurt and fermented cabbage. To bring down your body temperature, take a warm bath, keep a wet cloth on your forehead, wear wet socks to bed, and wear light clothes.

DIY Skin Toners: 6 Ways To Beautify Your Skin

With our daily exposure to heat, dust, and pollution, our skin suffers a lot. The daily exposure to these harmful environmental agents leaves the...

Why Overexercising Is Bad News For Your Gut

One might think exercise can do no wrong, but overdoing it can induce a leaky gut. The physical and emotional stress is enough to change the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa, leading to poor immune response, low energy, and mood swings. To remedy a leaky gut, take time to rest. Get things back in balance by eating probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber-rich foods. Limit or avoid refined sugar and enjoy anti-inflammatory foods like fatty fish.

5 Alcoholic Beverages For Health Conscious People

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to void of alcohol. Reach for sulfur-free red wine to skip the sulfites, a common allergen that causes hypersensitivity reactions. Sake, or Japanese rice wine, also packs a punch in a small serving. Make a light cocktail with seltzer, liquor, and muddled fruit. Honey mead is made with fermented honey, while kombucha is made with fermented tea. Despite these healthy options, be sure to drink in moderation.

7 DIY Natural Face Packs For Gorgeous Skin

A woman’s face is probably the most-cared-for part of her body. The treatment options available for the innumerable skin conditions and the cosmetic procedures involved are simply mind-boggling. Not to mention the cost of these treatments. Most such treatments don’t really cure the problem but just mask them. Certain home-made face masks prepared using natural ingredients can actually make your skin look younger and more beautiful.

The Many Health Benefits Of Probiotics

You now have one more reason to enjoy your cup of yogurt! Fermented foods like yogurt (and probiotic supplements) have in them live microorganisms which...

6 Natural And Effective Treatments For Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal atrophy is dryness, inflammation, and thinning of the vaginal walls which accompanies a drop in estrogen levels, usually at the time of menopause. It is usually treated with estrogen which can cause serious side effects like increased risk of cancer, strokes, and heart attacks. Natural alternatives include supplements of sea buckthorn oil, probiotics vitamin E and D, black cohosh, and St, John's wort.
How to avoid adding extra sugar into your smoothie

7 Ways Sugar Is Sneaking Into Your Smoothie

There’s some hidden magical property blenders have which can make any ingredient delicious once it’s blended into a smoothie. How else could you explain...

9 Brain Health-Boosting Breakfast Recipes

Experts from the healthcare industry consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast helps you kick-start your day with high energy and enables you to efficiently deal with the activities that follow during the day. Many studies show a close link between a healthy breakfast and enhanced brain health, better cognitive performance, and overall well-being. So, start your day with a nutritious breakfast.

What Is Kombucha And How To Prepare It

Kombucha is a fermented health drink prepared using tea, sugar and live bacteria. This drink originated more than 2000 years ago in a region called Manchuria in China and has become a global rage over the last few years. It has numerous health benefits and may contain minimal levels of alcohol. Though it can be prepared at home and is safe for consumption, people must know about its effects.
Consuming natural sugars is healthy

The Truth Behind Healthy Sugar Intake

Avoiding added sugar is a no-brainer, but what about sugar in healthy foods? The fructose in fruits seems off-putting, but it's fine to eat 1 ½ to 2 cups of fruit each day. It has fiber, which will actually regulate blood sugar. Eating dark chocolate twice a week offers health benefits, while using honey in moderation is a natural way to sweeten food. Flavored and non-fat yogurt has added sugar so choose low or full-fat.

5 Safe And Effective Home Remedies To Treat A Yeast Infection

Anti-fungal treatments may become less effective over time as the fungus adapts and becomes resistant. Try these home remedies to treat yeast infections. Probiotics can help bring balance to the bacteria in the vagina while coconut oil shows anti-microbial activity. Ozonated olive oil is another effective option. Vinegar and vitamin C are also viable home remedies to help beat a yeast infection.

The Latest Natural Beauty-Trends Taking The Industry By Storm

It has always been believed that beauty products are toxic, but here is a piece of good news for you! Non-toxic beauty products have...