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5 Science-Backed Methods To Ensure A Healthy Gut

Maintaining the balance of your gut bacteria is vital for a healthy life and to prevent deadly diseases. Harmful chemicals found in water, foods, and in hand sanitizers and antibacterial products upset this balance and kill the beneficial bacteria. Besides reducing the use of bacteria-killing products, switching over to natural sweeteners, organic fruits and vegetables and chemical-free foods can help you ensure the balance of your gut bacteria.
Termites can cause havoc to your furniture

9 Natural And Easy Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Termites

Termites are tiny organisms but can waste away your favorite sofa or wooden closets in no time. They are problematic pests that can degrade wooden structures. These insects thrive on wood and remain invisible inside the wooden structures. Mint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, ajwain, orange, and vetiver oil extracts give best results in termite control. Borate salts, also called borax, are effective and eco-friendly termiticides and they also serve as nutrients for plant life. Kerosene can be sprayed into the holes made by the termites to control the population.
harmful ingredients to avoid in cosmetics skincare

12 Harmful Ingredients To Watch Out For In Your Cosmetics

It has become practically impossible to escape chemicals these days. Toxic chemicals like lead, parabens, formaldehyde, coal tar and much more are added to our cosmetics and skincare products. When we use them regularly, not only do we damage the integrity of our skin but also pave way for serious illnesses that affect our vital organs. To avoid serious health risks, it is best to be aware of these chemicals and avoid them from being a part of our lives.

Instant Noodles: A Unique Study Shows Its Damaging Effects On Your Stomach (With...

As college students or mere busy bees, no matter where we are from or are living, the favorite go-to food that connects us all...
side effects of lipsticks

Side Effects Of Lipstick Every Woman Must Know

Lipsticks contain toxic preservatives and heavy metals like lead and cadmium that could affect your heart, kidney, brain, and nerves. Though most lipsticks contain less lead than what the FDA considers harmful, avoid unbranded local products, and apply lipstick no more than 2 times a day.

Your Makeup Kit Is A Working ‘Chemical Lab’

Do you know what you are compromising in return for that mascara that promises you long black eyelashes, lipstick assuring you 24-hour stability? Your...
How To Remove Preservatives From Fruits Naturally?

How To Remove Preservatives From Fruits Naturally?

Produce processors frequently spray fruits and vegetables with a fine film of approved wax, lacquer or resin coating. This improves their shell life by protecting them from dehydration and other hazards. It’s suggested to wash off these coatings under running cold water. Commercial produce rinses are available but they're no more effective than rinsing in cold water.
5 Benefits Of Cinnamon

5 Benefits Of Cinnamon

1. Weight Reducer Cinnamon apparently has the effect of thinning your blood thereby increasing blood circulation. Increased blood flow generally boosts your metabolism which is...
5 food Ingredients Destroying Your Health

5 food Ingredients Destroying Your Health

We live in a society of instant gratification in every way and that extends to our food as well. We want our food right...