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Home Remedies For Puffy And Swollen Eyes Using Potatoes

Potatoes slices are denser than cucumber slices, which means they will hold the cold better and longer. Along with this, potatoes have astringent properties that help tighten the skin and prevent sagging. You can use them as slices, grated or even squeeze out the juice to apply over closed eyes. Regular use of this remedy will help you look more refreshed and awake.

7 Home Remedies For Sunburned Lips

Most people who are careful about not exposing their skin to too much sun make a habit of applying sunscreen on all exposed parts...

7 Exercise Moves For A Couch Potato’s Workout

The couch is a great place to work out. Really! It doubles as a prop for push-ups and lunge squats. You can also try couch dips. To do them, lean on a couch with the edge behind you. Lower your butt and keep your legs bent or straight. During squats, you can hold a couch pillow. Trying to tone your thighs? Squeeze and hold a pillow in between your knees. To do these moves safely, clear the space of clutter.
Home remedies to treat sunburn

9 DIY Remedies To Treat Sunburn Effectively

Sunburn results due to overexposure of the skin to harmful UV rays. It leaves your skin red, irritated, and painful. Trying easy and powerful home remedies help. Some of them are aloe vera, oatmeal, milk and yogurt, lavender oil, green/black tea, baking soda, coconut oil, potatoes, and apple cider vinegar.
Foods low in calories

10 Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of Without Gaining Weight

When you eat food rich in proteins and fiber, you feel full for a longer time. This prevents overeating after meals. Protein-rich foods like eggs, cottage cheese, chicken, and broth based foods, help to reduce the calorie intake throughout the day by keeping you full. Legumes, vegetables, and citrus foods are rich in fiber and keep you full by slowing down the digestion process and absorption of carbohydrates. Resistant starch in potatoes helps to satisfy hunger.
12 Weird Things That Can Make You Anxious

12 Weird Things That Can Make You Anxious

You can blame your anxiety issues on these 12 weird factors: coffee, alcohol, medications, low blood sugars, unhealthy eating habits, your body's water intake, messy environments, too much involvement in social media, physical inactivity, exposure to impure air, unsafe neighborhoods, and intense tummy troubles.

How To Turn Couch Potato Kids Into Active Kids

Today, children spend more time indoors than outdoors. Physical activities have been ignored and most of them are hooked to gadgets and gizmos. TV, Internet, and video games have stolen the crucial time that would have otherwise been dedicated to outdoor sports and activities. An increase in obesity and other serious ailments are being observed in teenagers. Simple ways mentioned here can help kids become active and involve in outdoor activities.
Health Benefits Of Yucca

5 Very Impressive Health Benefits Of Yucca

If you’re struggling with constipation, get more fiber by eating yucca. The fiber will also improve your blood glucose and cholesterol levels, making type 2 diabetes and heart disease less likely. And if you already have diabetes? The fiber in yucca will help control it. You’ll also be able to eat less and lose weight because fiber can boost satiety. Even your immunity will flourish, thanks to the high level of vitamin C in yucca. One cup has 42.4 milligrams!

Tips To Reduce Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

Stretch marks (striae) are stripe-like marks on the skin which appear as a result of overstretching of the skin, due to rapid weight gain...

10 Swaps To Make Your Afternoon Snacks Tastier (And Healthier)

Snack time is something we all look forward to, especially when you feel the need for munching on something yummy a few hours after...

13 Shocking Foods That You Must Never Store In Your Fridge

Running a house for yourself and others can be a pain, especially after going grocery shopping. Not all of us have the time to...

Ditch These 6 Foods To Get Your Dream Body

Gaining weight effortlessly and trying hard to lose it, is disappointing. The main culprits are these 6 fat offenders- sugary drinks, white bread, potatoes, candy, bad breakfast and snacks. Choosing healthy options over the not-so-healthy ones in each category will bring in the necessary change. The key to success is making it a habit than mere diet planning.

7 Low-Carb Hacks For Weight Loss

Following a low-carb diet can help you lose weight and improve your health. Since strictly cutting out carbs can be difficult, you can be smart with your diet regimen. Swap unhealthy high-carb foods with low-carb healthy options to lose weight with healthy eating. Given here are some suggestions that you can follow every day.

Making A Substitution: How To Cook Without Using Eggs

Looking for cooking tips without using eggs? Try these vegan-friendly egg substitutes and wow your guests with recipes that they never thought were possible without eggs!

8 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again. And Again. And Again. And Again

If you do the grocery shopping for your household, you will agree that food is expensive. Food is easily the highest costs related to...