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What Is The Recommended Diet For A Person On Dialysis?

A balanced diet is essential during dialysis. Keep a strict tab on your fluid intake. Legumes, beans, and cottage cheese will provide safe protein. Eat oatmeal and oat bran to keep cholesterol levels low. Keep salt in check by cutting down on processed foods; use lemon zest, vinegar, mustard for flavoring. Choose foods low in potassium - apples, pears, berries, radish, asparagus, and zucchini.
Follow a few easy liver-cleansing steps in life and stay healthy and happy.

Liver Cleansing: 4 Easy Steps And A 24-Hour Liver Detox Drink

While we are running the race of our lives, we often tend to ignore what we eat and drink. This can tough to deal with...

Why Potassium Is The Secret To A Healthy Heart

Are you suffering from heart issues? If yes, you might want to include more potassium in your diet. With the rising number of cardiovascular...

7 Ways To Reduce Bloating When You Are On Your Period

Period bloating can be extremely uncomfortable. However, you are not alone as about 70% of women experience similar bloating. To reduce bloating, prevent water retention as it can make you feel worse. Ensure that you do some light exercises to reduce your stress levels as it can affect your digestion and in turn lead to bloating. Prevent gas buildup with the right kind of diet.

Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

When your heart beats, it pumps blood, which carries oxygen, to different parts of your body. As the blood moves, it pushes its way...

What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Banana Chips?

Banana chips are fried snacks that are known to contain the same nutrients found in ripe bananas. But, the process of deep-frying them reduces the levels of the nutrients and makes them less healthy when compared to ripe bananas. However, it’s good to know about the health and nutritional benefits offered by this delicious snack and what oils to use while deep-frying them, so that you make a healthy choice.

Drank More Coffee Than You Can Handle? Follow These Quick Tips

True that coffee is just amazing. Coffee can rejuvenate you anywhere and at any hour of the day, thanks to its caffeine content and...

Major Health Hazards Of Drinking Artificially Flavored Water

It’s bad enough that artificial flavors are commonly used in many food products today. But, they are even being used to manufacture drinking water. Artificial and natural flavors are prepared using various chemicals that can cause dangerous health conditions. Drinking clean water is important, but not falling prey to marketing strategies and avoiding health problems is imperative. People must become aware of the harmful effects of ingesting dangerous chemicals.
Surprising benefits of egg whites.

5 Surprising Benefits Of Egg Whites

Most people have eggs for breakfast. However, egg whites in particular have certain unexpected benefits. They contain more than half the entire egg's protein content and help build muscle strength. They also have no cholesterol or fat and are safe for heart patients. The low calorie content of egg whites makes them a good diet food. Collagen and hyaluronic acid in egg whites benefit skin and joints significantly. Lastly, egg whites are high in potassium.
eat banana peel for weight loss

The Truth About Losing Weight With Banana Peels

Banana peels are full of dietary fiber and potassium that makes you feel fuller for longer and increases your metabolic rate by burning more calories. However, consuming only banana peels is not going to help you shed a few pounds. Following a balanced diet with regular exercise play major roles in maintaining a healthy weight and getting in shape.

Why You Should Eat Overnight Oats According To Science

For an easy and nutritious breakfast, make overnight oats. Soaking them will remove the phytic acid that blocks mineral absorption. Oats contain protein and fiber, so you’ll stay full for long. Fiber also lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar. Oats also contain potassium, which helps fluid balance and blood pressure. To make overnight oats, mix ¾ cup oats and 1 cup nondairy milk. Let it sit overnight. Before eating, add fruits or spices.
Simple Diet And Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Hypertension

Simple Diet And Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure (BP), is the most common cause of cardiovascular diseases that can result in death. It affects over a billion people worldwide and is responsible for around 17 million deaths in the US alone. The main causes of hypertension are a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet high in sodium. By adopting simple lifestyle and dietary changes, people can prevent and reduce hypertension.

7 Underrated Healthy Foods That You Probably Forgot Existed

With so many health trends, it’s easy to forget about other foods. Watercress is a leafy green with vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties. Sesame seeds don’t seem like much, but they offer minerals like calcium. To naturally sweeten foods, use fiber-rich dates. Animal liver isn’t very popular in America, but it’s rich in vitamin A. "Real" parmesan can be healthy in moderation, while kimchi is packed with probiotics. Onions seem ordinary, but they prevent and treat heart disease.
Potassium Deficiency: What Are The Signs And Treatment?

Potassium Deficiency: What Are The Signs And Treatment?

The body can’t function without enough potassium. Yet, most Americans don’t meet the daily recommendation of 4,700 milligrams. Deficiency may cause muscle weakness, cramps, irregular heartbeat, and fatigue. It also increases the risk of heart disease, chronic kidney stones, and low bone-mineral density. A simple blood test can confirm a potassium deficiency. To treat it, eat lots of potassium-rich fruits and veggies. Examples include bananas, prunes, and lima beans. Your doctor may have you take potassium supplements or potassium-sparing diuretics.

Are You Diabetic? Find Out How To Plan A Low-Potassium Diet!

The high-levels of potassium in the blood, a result of diabetes, can lead to other conditions like hyperkalemia and heart disease. As potassium is a nutrient essential for the functioning of the body, you cannot completely remove it from your diet. Instead, you can opt for a low-potassium diet, and consume food, such as berries and rice, that will help in managing diabetes.