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8 Simple Ways Of Strengthening Your Spine

Spinal cord is the core that holds our bodies upright and together. So, it is an absolute necessity that we take care of it....
Yoga Poses To Fix Bad Posture From Desk Job

5 Yoga Poses To Fix Bad Posture From Desk Job

A desk job increases your risk for poor posture. Fortunately, you can fix it with yoga. Start with a basic mountain pose to help you stand correctly. Positions like cobra pose, downward facing dog, and bridge pose will counteract hunching. To strengthen your core, do plank pose. It'll offer awesome support for your spine. However, if you have existing back problems, talk to your doctor first.

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Squats Today

Squats engage the core muscles and can help build the overall muscles in the body. They help you burn the calories by gaining muscles. Squats can improve digestion – by maintaining regular bowel movements – and posture. They may also help balance hormones in the body, especially testosterone and growth hormone. Squats are cost-effective because they can be performed anywhere and do not require you to go to the gym.

A Detailed Guide To Practicing Zen Meditation

The effects of meditation have been studied by modern science and researchers have found that the simple practice of meditation has enormous benefits for...

5 Steps To Practice Vipassana Meditation The Right Way

Vipassana meditation helps you see things as they really are; it gives you the bigger picture. Sit with your legs crossed and your back straight. Focus on your rising and falling abdomen as you breathe naturally and say “rising, rising, falling, falling” in your head. When your mind wanders, assign new words to your feelings, sensations, and thoughts. Be gentle on your thoughts and relax.

How Does An Incorrect Sleeping Posture Affect Health?

Humans spend a large portion of their lives in sleep. Sleep is absolutely essential for human well-being and it enables the body to relax, recover and rejuvenate. Disturbed sleep or incorrect sleeping posture can lead to many health problems and can adversely affect our daily life. Many people use an incorrect pillow, which also causes many health issues ranging from neck pain and body pain.

5 Quick Advises From Experts To Prevent Back Pain After Birth

A backache during pregnancy can be bothersome. Yet, they can be survived through with a hope that it will all come to term with...

7 Benefits of Underwater Treadmills To Treat Injuries

Water is easy on the joints, relieves pain, and offers visibly therapeutic effects on injuries. Use an underwater treadmill to accelerate your recovery and keep stress at bay while doing so. Running in water also helps correct body posture, a necessity for spinal injury. The buoyancy helps get rid of any fear of falling and worsening your condition.

Find Your Path To Bliss Through Music With Nada Yoga

There are different forms of yoga, and you can choose based on your natural inclination and tendencies. While hatha yoga follows the path of energy,...

9 Ways You Can Include Yoga In Your Busy Life

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy, however, your busy schedule may prevent you from doing any yoga. But you can now practice yoga by making it a part of your life and you don't even have to visit any yoga studio. You can do yoga throughout the day, it can be done while you are bathing, while you are eating and even when you are at your office desk.
Is Your Bra Causing You Health Problems?

Is Your Bra Causing You Health Problems?

An ill-fitting bra can cause a lot of problems. It'll be uncomfortable to wear throughout the day! If a bra is too tight, it will leave deep indents in the skin. A bra without enough support will also increase the risk for back pain, neck pain, and poor posture. All of this will contribute to upper nerve injury, causing weakness, tingling, and numbness.

5 Unusual Ways To Boost Your Gray Matter Performance

As days go by, the most common problem you face is the inability to recollect old memories well and to make quick decisions. These...

5 Reasons You Should Start Stretching

If you take a good, hard look at your day, you will find that you spend a lot of time sitting, mostly in front...

Effective Home Remedies For Tailbone Pain (Coccydynia)

Tailbone pain (coccydynia) can be caused by long hours of sitting, injury from contact sports or repeated stress on the area, overweight, and childbirth. While severe pain must be treated by a doctor, mild pain can be managed with hot and cold packs and correct posture. If you have a desk job, take frequent breaks. Practice yoga poses like child pose, locust pose, and root lock pose to strengthen the spine and the tail bone.

12 Reasons Why Walking Barefoot Is Good For You

Most of us tend to frown upon people who kick their sandals off to walk barefoot. We automatically start thinking it to be part...