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9 Natural Foods That Prevent Septic Infections And Kill Bacteria

If you've ever scraped your knee or had an open wound, the first thing you'd do is reach for an antiseptic cream or lotion....

How To Stay Hydrated During An Intense Workout

It's important to stay hydrated before, during, and after an intense workout. Drink about 16 ounces of fluids about 2 hours before a marathon or a vigorous sporting event. Remember to also drink about 7 ounces of water every 15 minutes of your workout. Post workout, make sure you drink around 16–24 ounces of fluids. Along with water, make sure you also drink spinach smoothies or pomegranate juice to boost your endurance.
Many healthy alternatives are available to reduce coffee addiction

9 Healthy Drinks That Can Replace Coffee

Coffee makes the world go around or so we believe. It has become an integral part of our daily lives but too much of anything is not so good either. So, to help you reduce your daily dose of caffeine, try a healthy alternative like green tea, which is believed to fight and prevent cell damage with antioxidants called catechins. Along with this, you can try other flavor-filled and healthy substitutes like chai, pomegranate juice, or creamy smoothies.

Are Pomegranates Safe During Pregnancy?

Pomegranates are rich in iron and help in increasing hemoglobin levels. So most doctors advice or give a green signal when pregnant women ask...
Drinks That Are Even Healthier Than Water

6 Drinks That Can Be Healthier Than Water

Although water is the best choice to keep your body hydrated, these drinks can help do that as well as provide nutrients essential for the body’s function. Green tea, pomegranate juice, and beet juice have antioxidants and may have cancer-fighting properties. Aloe water can help treat diabetes and help control lipid levels in the body. Skimmed milk is also a great option as it helps maintain bone health
Natural Remedies To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Remedies To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

To naturally treat erectile dysfunction, drink less alcohol and stop smoking. Weight control and stress management can also lower high blood pressure, a major cause of the disorder. Natural aphrodisiacs to eat include ginger, pomegranate juice, ashwagandha, gingko biloba, and gokshura. Foods rich in zinc, like oysters, will also boost libido. Both anxiety and blood pressure will improve with acupuncture and yoga, so consider trying both. The ancient Ayurvedic treatment of Vajikarana therapy is designed to improve sexual function.

Dengue: Summary, 16 Symptoms, And 11 Natural Home Remedies To Treat It

In the world, close to 96 million dengue cases have been reported each year. It especially affects the tropical countries of Taiwan, China, India,...

24 Little Known Food Choices That May Help Prevent And Fight Cancer

Whether it is a possibility of cancer cells acting up in your body, a family linage of it or just wanting to keep those...

Must-Have Foods That Prevent Cancer

Scan for anti-cancer foods at the grocery store. Pick up cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, bok choy) that have ample anti-cancer phytochemicals. Include foods rich in carotenoids (carrots and canataloupes), ellagic acid (strawberries, pomegranates), and resveratrol (red grapes, cocoa, peanuts) that negate free radicals. Fiber-rich whole grains and folate-rich foods curb tumor growth, too.

3 Quick And Easy Heart-Healthy Pomegranate Juice Recipes

For a healthy heart, juice up 1 cup mixed berries like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries; 1/4 cup pom pips; and 1 apple, cut into wedges. Or juice 1 beet, 1/4 cup pom pips, 1/2 cup each strawberries and cherries, and 1 apple cut into wedges. The fruits will mask the beet taste and make this a hit with your kids. Or juice together 1 cup pom pips and 2 cups blueberries for an appetizing blue cooler.