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Can I Get Rid Of My Back Fat Bra Bulge Forever?

Get Rid Of Your Bra Bulge With These 9 Exercises And Yoga Poses

T-Raises: Stand with feet hip width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Bend at your knees, lean forward, keep back straight. Hold weights in front of you and move to sides forming a T. Mountain Climbers: Get into plank position. Bring left knee to chest and pull it back. Bring right knee to chest and replicate a climbing motion. Repeat for about 8 to 10 reps.

5 Amazing Things You Will Feel By Doing Planks Regularly

Some of us might look at the humble plank like it is the easiest exercise to do. But it's a killer form of exercise. From strengthening...

7 Exercises That Help You Improve Your Posture

The posture of a person is an excellent indication of their fitness level. Good posture is vital for balance and helps you maintain your...

6 Exercises That Reveal How Fit You Really Are

Certain exercises take years to master as they require you to develop strength, control, and flexibility of your body. These moves demand high fitness...

6 Bodyweight Exercises To Get Lean And Toned

Body weight exercises build strength and tone up the body. Incorporating them in your workout routine is key to a lean physique. Planks target the core muscles. Jump squats build endurance.They also tone the legs and hips. Walk out tones the shoulders, abs, legs, and hands. Mountain climbers are a full body exercise. Push ups tone the chest, arms, hips, shoulders, and core. Lastly, superman strengthens the entire back and glutes.

8 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Partner Workouts

Working out with a partner can make your workout engaging and competitive. You can motivate, support, and encourage each other to do better. When...
turn your yoga session into cardio

Does Yoga Qualify As Cardio?

Yoga has taken the fitness industry by storm and there are enough studies now to prove the many physical and psychological benefits of yoga....

5 Park Workouts To Play Your Pounds Away This Summer

Whether it's a plank or a push up, you can now do your favorite muscle toning exercises at your neighborhood park. From targeting multiple sets of muscles such as your abs and glutes to melting those extra calories away, these exercises do it all with some help from basic park props like a bench. Remember to keep adequate resting time in between sets to further boost the fat burning process.

Haven’t Been To The Gym All Week? Do These 5 Moves

After an accidental break from the gym, don’t jump in too fast. Strengthen each side with dumbbell presses. Unlike a barbell, separate weights allow for more freedom of movement. Dumbbell lunges will work out the lower body, while dumbbell deadlifts use the entire body. You can also do plank rows with dumbbells for a total body workout. To get a burst of energy, do explosive jumps over a box or bench.
5 Exercises And Yoga Poses For Your Inner Thighs

5 Exercises And Yoga Poses For Your Inner Thighs

Tone your inner thighs with the clamshell exercise. It strengthens the hips and thighs and is great for the glutes. First position exercise can work the inner thighs, too. Side plank with leg lifts works both the legs at the same time. If yoga is your choice, go for poses like the bridge pose and reverse warrior pose.

4 Core Workouts You Can Perform Without Equipment

Working your core involves engaging and strengthening your abdominal muscles. A strong core is necessary to maintain good posture, balance, and to keep your back healthy. But you don't always have to hit the gym to work the core – there are a set of exercises you can perform at home without using any expensive gym equipment. Some of these exercises include pilates, L-sits, plank hip dips, and the mountain climber. However, before you begin working out, don't forget to wear a pair of high-quality shoes and perform warm-up stretches.

15-Minute Cardio Workout You Can Do Anywhere

If you're someone who loves to get your blood pumping and your muscles flexing, don't let the lack of access to a gym stop you...
7 Easy, Ageless Exercises You Should Do Every Day

7 Easy, Ageless Exercises You Should Do Every Day

If the gym is not your favorite place, you don't have to stop exercising. Make walking and running a part of your morning routine. Swimming can strengthen your body muscles and help you de-stress. Squats and plank exercises can improve your posture while push-ups and pull-ups work your arms and shoulders. These ageless exercises can keep you fit even in your old age.

9 Simple Exercises That Improve Functional Arm Strength

Improving the strength of your arms is very important. Increased arm strength not only enables you to do exercises that require arm strength but also helps you accomplish everyday tasks more easily. Exercises that develop the arm muscles also increase flexibility, balance, and coordination, which in turn reduces the possibility of injuries. Simple exercises that use body weight, bands and dumbbells help in improving arm strength.

5 At-Home Exercises To Banish Those Love Handles

High-intensity exercises like lunge twists, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers increase the burning rate of the most stubborn kind of fat. There are also exercises like reverse crunches that trigger muscle contraction in the abdomen to melt your love handles away. Side planks are another way to strengthen your body's core muscles, though beginners may need to perform these in front of a mirror to get the form right.