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Ways to get rid of ear pimples.

10 Natural Remedies To Banish That Pimple From Your Ear

To tackle that unsightly pimple in your ear, apply avocado paste, African basil oil with aloe vera gel, or tea tree oil. Neem and turmeric paste or an antibacterial paste of honey and cinnamon can also help get rid of it. Or wipe with green tea or lemon juice.

More Than Just A Pimple: Is It Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa, or acne inversa, is a painful skin condition in which skin lesions develop inward, cause tunneling, and induce chronic pain. While it is hereditary to an extent, causative factors include smoking and obesity. Hidradenitis suppurative is not contagious. However, the lesions may be embarrassing with its foul-smelling pus and inflamed tissue. Treatment includes medical intervention through surgery as well as counseling.

Identifying Skin Bumps And When It Needs Medical Intervention

When unusual lumps are noticed on your body, it sends the alarm bells ringing and fears that it may be cancerous creep in. However, not all such lumps are cancerous and there is no need to be alarmed, as most of them may disappear without needing any medical attention. But, they should not be ignored either and you must learn to identify them and know when to consult your doctor.
Pimples On Eyebrows Causes And How To Get Rid Of It

Pimples On Eyebrows: Causes And How To Get Rid Of It

Everyone has pimples at some point in their life, whether it is during puberty or in adulthood. Pimples on the eyebrows are usually caused due to eyebrow piercings, thyroid problems, hormonal changes, hair removal, and allergies. Lemon juice or toothpaste can be used to get rid of these bumps. Exfoliating your skin regularly can help you prevent pimples. If the pimples don't heal in a few days and you are experiencing pain, visit your dermatologist.
Cause of scabs in ear and treatment methods

Ear Scabs: Causes And Treatment Methods

Scabs can be dry, itchy, and painful. They can form due to cancer, ear piercings, psoriasis, bacterial and yeast infections, and an infected pimple. Antibiotics, anti-itch medications, and radiotherapy are used to treat the scabs based on the root cause. When the scabs are formed due to cancer, doctors remove the affected area to prevent it from spreading. Scabs may seem like a small problem but if not treated at the right, it can result in the loss of hearing.
easons Why Even Adult Men Get Acne

5 Reasons Why Even Adult Men Get Acne

Are you struggling with acne as an adult man? It might be lack of sleep, which promotes stress and skin inflammation. Skipping the moisturizer will also cause dryness, forcing the skin to make too much oil. Be mindful of your cell phone which can be really dirty. If you’re eating lots of refined carbs and fried food, cut back on both. These foods increase sebum production and bring on breakouts.

4 Possible Reasons Why You Have Vaginal Pimples

People who have oily skin or have faced acne troubles know that pimples can surface anytime and anywhere. Pimples don’t really give you a...

9 Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight

Pimples seem to have a mind of their own. After having blemish-free skin throughout the week, they make an appearance right before a big...

Vaginal Acne: Nature, Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

Vaginal acne is most often caused by a clogged up gland duct. This could be a variety of reasons namely, overactive sebaceous glands, ingrown hairs, allergic reactions to intimate washes, perfumes or deodorants, folliculitis, scented pads or tampons. Tea tree oil can be a natural remedy. Meanwhile, keep the area dry and clean and wear cotton underwear to prevent more acne.

All You Need To Know About Managing Vaginal Acne

Vaginal acne can be distressing but it's not a serious health hazard. Many a time using perfumed products in your lady parts or snug fitting underwear or shaving can lead to these pimples. However, it can be easily managed by adopting some simple steps. These include maintaining proper hygiene, waxing the pubic hair instead of shaving and avoiding the use of perfumed products in your groin area.

Boy Or Girl? Get To Know From These Old Wives’ Tales

If you are pregnant and especially if it’s your first baby, the old wives’ tales about pregnancy would get you excited and make you...

5 Ways To Banish Pimples With Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a surprising home remedy for acne. As a spot treatment, it kills bacteria and dries up excess sebum. Never use it as a mask! To heal a pimple, apply a dot of toothpaste and let dry overnight. A few drops of tea tree oil will add an antimicrobial boost. You can also promote wound healing with powdered turmeric, green tea leaves, and honey. These ingredients will control oil and acne-causing bacteria. When possible, use an all-natural cream toothpaste.

How To Cure Acne & Pimples Effectively From Inside

Acne and pimples are a nightmare for young women and men. If left untreated, they leave permanent scars on your face. In fact, they...
Acne spots can be removed with simple home remedies.

7 Easy Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne Scars And Pimple Spots

Pimples and their after-effects can be irritating. It has been found that pimples are mostly a sign of acne in the skin. They are caused by...
The location of your acne can tell you a lot about your body

Face Mapping: What Your Pimples Might Be Trying To Tell You

Breakouts are stressful, and most of the time unexpected. They show up right before an important event like a date, a meeting or a...