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5 Exercises That You Could Do Without

In order to achieve your fitness goals, you'd need to optimize your workouts. Some exercises come in the way of this. Sit ups are bad for your back and don't work all your core muscles. Pilates exercises don't have any effect on body composition, health status, and posture. Resistance bands don't improve the intensity or effectiveness of free weight exercises. Lastly, smith machine squats and behind-the-neck lat pull down don't strengthen your muscles effectively.

The Best 10-Minute Workout To Tone Your Inner Thighs

A quick look around the gym is enough to tell that most people like to focus their workouts on muscles that are visible. Toning...

Pilates Exercises To Help You Correct A Text Neck

If you’ve played sports at any competitive level, chances are you’ve suffered a neck or spine injury at some point in time. Today, we spend most of our waking hours maintaining a poor posture while looking at our smartphone, tablet, or computer. Consequently, you’re just as likely to have neck and spine injuries as an active sportsperson. Pilates exercises, a series of carefully controlled body movements, are your best bet when it comes to correcting bad posture and getting rid of a stiff neck.
can help you correct your posture

10-Minute Pilates Routine To Deal With Bad Postures And Text Neck

Have you ever checked the amount of much time you spend looking at your phone screens? Some reports suggest that adults in the United States...

Benefits-Of-Yogalates – Transform Your Health With Yogalates

Yogalates is a popular combination of pilates principals combined with the popular mindful eastern traditions found in yoga. Most modern yoga classes incorporate components...

Understanding Different Types of Pilates

The word Pilates is not a regulated term and therefore is open to the interpretation of those teaching it. I believe that certain criteria...
Yoga or Pilates; what’s Good for Me?

Yoga or Pilates; what’s Good for Me?

One of the most common debates among health instructors, gym enthusiasts, and even physiotherapists is the yoga or Pilate conundrum. Depending on which school...