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Be Wary Of These 11 Things That May Cause Birth Defects

Pregnancy demands that moms be extremely careful with their health. Steer clear of anything that poses a risk to your baby. Even getting sick...

11 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe This Spring

While spring is a much-awaited period of the year, there are some springtime dangers you need to beware of, especially if you have pets. To keep your pet safe this spring, keep your house secure and make sure that your pet does not venture out alone. Do not allow your pet to bathe in the sun for too long, as it could cause a heat stroke. Always keep your cleaning products and rodenticides away from your pet.

11 Clever Ways To Use Baking Soda In Your Garden

Baking has several uses including keeping the soil at the ideal pH level. It also helps to kill weeds like crabgrass and those weeds that sprout up between the cracks in concrete. It can help reduce odor in compost pits, kill cabbage worms, slugs, and snails, and make the soil a better environment for flowering plants that require alkaline soil. You can use it as a makeshift indicator for checking pH levels to help keep your soil at the ideal level.

10 Bug-Repelling Plants That Make Your Garden Pest-Free

Why use harmful insecticides to keep bugs away when you can keep some beautiful plants in your garden. Plants like Lemongrass, Lavender, Catnip, and Marigold serve the purpose and have added aesthetic benefits. Apart from being popular culinary herbs, basil and rosemary are also very effective in keeping your garden bug-free.

Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy This Summer: 11 Helpful Tips

Summer is just around the corner, at least here in the northern hemisphere. It’s getting warmer outside as we make our way into the...

Conventional Vs. Organic Food: Which Is Better?

Organic food doesn’t use chemical pesticides, so it’s healthier for your body. Organic produce is also more likely to have more antioxidants because farmers don’t use chemical nitrogen-rich fertilizers. Compared to conventional food, organic options are sold locally and travel less. This reduces the risk for nutrient loss. You’ll also be less likely to have a surprise allergic reaction from genetically engineered ingredients. On a greater scale, organic food is better for the environment because it uses renewable resources.

Foods That Negatively Affect Fertility

Mercury negatively impacts a woman’s response to IVF. Avoid fish with high mercury. Processed carbs increase blood sugar and therefore insulin. Insulin disrupts hormonal balance, causing fertility problems. Sugar and caffeine promote oxidative stress. Quit drinking once you’re pregnant – it affects fertility. Consume foods with healthy fats (not trans fats) for healthy eggs and sperm. Pesticides in fruits and veggies mimic estrogen, causing estrogen dominance in women and interfering with testosterone performance in men. Dioxin causes endometriosis in women.

11 Health Benefits Of Anise Oil

Aromatherapy is used widely to enhance both physical and mental health. The essential oil that you choose in aromatherapy depends on the purpose –...
Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

Are There Any Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth?

While some claim that DE has amazing health benefits, and one study shows its efficacy in lowering cholesterol, there hasn't been enough research to prove DE as the next health miracle. Use it as a skin cleanser, or in food industry settings for filtration or processing, but don't start taking it for heavy metal detox or bone health just yet. Though it has an oxide of silicon, which improves bone health, the amount absorbed by your body may be minuscule. So be wary about what you use DE for.

Weight Gain And 8 Other Side Effects Of Overeating Pistachios

The pistachio or pista is a healthy nut and is a member of the cashew family. Pistachios are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, essential...

Corn: What It’s Made Of And 6 Shocking Reasons Why We Should Not Eat...

Who doesn’t love a cob of sweet corn to go with their steak, salad, mashed potatoes, and gravy? Corn is one of the things...

30 Facts Everyone Should Know About Pesticides

Pesticides are in common usage in almost every households and in many industries. And it is not limited to agricultural usage. These chemicals are resulting in irreparable damage to the environment and also to humans. Know your facts before continuing pesticide usage as the side effects are not limited to just the targeted animals.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Healthy Home

Want to create a toxin-free home for you and your family? Here's how to detox your home and make it more healthy and safe for babies and toddlers!

How Are You Sabotaging Your Sperms?

Who knew what a little indulgence in bacon, Internet, and sauna could do to your sperms? Realize 6 mistakes that are harming your boys and take control.

10 Reasons Organic Food Is Better For You And The Planet

Organic food is devoid of pesticides that are detrimental to human health and drinking water quality. Organic agriculture restores soil fertility, saves energy, and encourages wildlife. Support the livelihood of small organic farmers by opting for nutritious, flavorful organic produce. Consider the high prices of organic food as a means to save on much more costly waste cleanups.