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9 Seemingly Healthy Supermarket Foods To Stay Away From

9 Seemingly Healthy Supermarket Foods To Stay Away From

With so many clever marketers around, it's hard to tell the good food products from the “fake” or unhealthy ones. Be warned, most of...

4 Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes For Weight Loss

Sweet potato is rich in nutrients that not only load you with energy but also help you lose weight. Some healthy sweet potato recipes for breakfast include the maple walnut sweet potato bowl, sweet potato and quinoa salad, peanut butter sweet potato bowl, and savory egg and sweet potato scramble. These breakfast combinations are not just filling but also easy to make.

8 Low-Sugar Snacks For Your In-Between Hunger Pangs

For something crunchy, try Parmesan-chive popcorn or roast chickpeas in curry powder. If you want something sweet, make whole grain waffles or muffins using quinoa. These meals are low in calorie and sugar. If you are looking for savory, eat guacamole with black bean tortilla chips. For a quick pick-me-up, whip up a smoothie using almond butter and blueberries.
health benefits of peanut butter

7 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Peanut Butter

A regular diet of a moderate amount of peanut butter can keep your heart healthy by lowering bad cholesterol levels. It can also maintain healthy blood pressure and glucose levels and help the body fight various disease. Peanut butter can keep you hunger-free for long and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Top 5 Snacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

If you're trying to drop pounds, don't ignore the snacks in between meals. Reach for foods high in protein and fiber to increase satiety. Craving a crunch? Eat roasted chickpeas. Instead of ice cream, reach for creamy Greek yogurt. Protein bars and oatmeal cookies are travel-friendly, but make sure they're low in sugar. The simple classic combo of peanut butter and bananas will also control appetite.
These desserts are satisfying yet healthy.

6 Delicious Yet Healthy Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

These desserts focus on bringing out the natural sugars in foods. They combine these foods with healthy additions which add protein, fiber and added nutrition. Try out the all-fruit popsicles, sweetened cottage cheese, chocolate covered strawberries, peanut butter mini sandwiches, banana soft serve, and no churn sorbets. You definitely won’t miss any of the added sugar or fat when you taste these delicious treats.
"Healthy" foods that pack on the pounds.

7 “Healthy” Foods That Pack On The Pounds

Certain "healthy" foods can disrupt your diet plan and make you gain weight. One cup of granola has more calories than a can of soda and a cheeseburger. Most commercial juices have high levels of sucrose and sodium in them. Commercial salad dressings are high in calories, sodium, fat, and sugar. Avocados and peanut butter are healthy but high in calories. Lastly, most energy bars have added sugar are are no better than candy bars.

9 Foods That Sound Healthy But Are Actually Not

Some foods may trick you into believing that they are healthy when they are actually not. Whole wheat bread and pretzels have high glycemic index values. Instant oatmeal and premade smoothies contain added sugar. Frozen meals and processed meat contain preservatives making them not-so-healthy food options. Other fake healthy foods include low-fat peanut butter, margarine, and fat-free salad dressings.

7 Snacks You Can Binge On To Maintain A Bikini Body

Achieving a bikini body requires consistent hard work, healthy food habits and persistence to stay away from unhealthy junk food. Hence, it is important...
eat a small snack rich in carbohydrates

What To Eat Before Your Early Morning Workout

If you're working out in the morning, you probably are waking up quite early already. However, if you eat within minutes of exercising, your body...
How Peanut Butter Can Help Ease Anxiety

How Peanut Butter Can Help Ease Anxiety

If you're feeling anxious, eat peanut butter. This tasty food contains nutrients that will boost your mental health. It's packed with protein – a macro nutrient that's needed for energy. You can't function without it! Peanut butter also has tryptophan – an amino acid that makes serotonin and niacin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that controls mood, while niacin supports the nervous system. Peanut butter won't cure anxiety, but it can certainly help.
Foods For Different Kinds Of Bad Moods

5 Foods For Different Kinds Of Bad Moods

Food has a big impact on your mood. If you're feeling stressed, eat dark chocolate to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. When you have PMS, eat peanut butter to calm mood swings and tension. Salmon will also help during times of anxiety, thanks to omega-3 fats. The same nutrients in walnuts can control your anger, too. Feeling sad? Eat spinach for folate – a nutrient that helps brain development.
Reasons You Are Constantly Craving Peanut Butter

5 Reasons You Are Constantly Craving Peanut Butter

It's easy to get addicted to peanut butter. But if you are eating it more than often it could be a sign that your body is telling you something. You could have these cravings if you are following a low-fat diet or if you aren't eating enough carbs. Also, you could crave for peanut butter when you are stressed.

7 Great Benefits And 4 Side Effects Of Peanut Butter You Should Know About

With its high content of fiber, proteins, and healthy fats, its a no-brainer that peanut butter can benefit our health in multiple ways. From helping us shed fat and increasing longevity to boosting brain power and building good bone health, peanut butter has now found its way into our every day diet. However, it's best to stick to the appropriate serving size, as too much peanut butter may lead to weight gain and inflammation. Steer clear from processed brands to avoid hydrogenated oils and chemical preservatives, and stick to two spoonfuls of the organic variety each day to get the best of your peanut butter.

Why Is Powdered Peanut Butter So Healthy For Dieters?

Powdered peanut butter is made by removing most of the fat content from roasted peanuts which are then ground into a fine powder. While it lacks in the rich, creamy consistency, it still retains the authentic roasted peanut flavor we all love. In comparison to its creamy counterpart, powdered peanut butter has the same amount of protein and fiber, but has only 1 gm of fat and is therefore, much lower in calorie count. Therefore, it makes for a healthy substitute and is versatile enough to be added to a variety of low-calorie snacks and foods, making it ideal for weight-watchers.