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5 Essential Oils That Can Reset Your Hormones

Recent studies indicate that essential oils might actually regulate and rest hormones, which is especially beneficial in women. Thyme could contribute to breast cancer prevention, while basil reduces stress. Rose oil works as an anxiety and depression reliever, while patchouli works as an anti-depressant. Clary sage is believed to be a boon for women as it regulates cortisol levels and soothes menopause symptoms.
uses of patchouli essential oil

10 Proven Health Benefits And Uses Of Patchouli Essential Oil

Used as a popular base note in perfumes, patchouli oil is a time-tested remedy for relieving stress, depression, and sexual anxiety as well. Applied topically, the oil is not only a potent antidote for skin infections like staph/candida, but can take care of acne and dandruff too. It can even help keep off mosquitoes, bedbugs, thanks to its insecticidal properties.