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3 Effective Ways To Stop Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a hard beast to tackle and panic attacks make it even more harder. People who are living with anxiety feel perpetually stressed...

Don’t Panic When You’re Panicking – Here’s The Lowdown On Panic Attacks

In the event of a panic attack, the last thing you should do is let the thought of the attack frighten you. Many people...

How Losing 100 Pounds Gave My Life A New Outlook

Being successful and having a lot of money does not necessarily give you a ticket to happiness immediately. The first step to being happy can be physical fitness, which shouldn't be the ultimate goal. To be satisfied in life, you have to overcome your obstacles, both physical and mental, be fit and healthy, and understand that the mind and body are interrelated.
what causes panic attacks and how to treat them

What Causes Panic Attacks And How To Treat Them

A sudden surge of overwhelming anxiety and fear - panic attack - may trigger when thinking about or facing the feared object or situation. However, regular attacks with no obvious reasons as such (panic disorder) could be traced to traumatic life events and catastrophic thinking. Practicing yoga, meditation, or opting for cognitive behavioral therapy may help.
Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders

Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders Based On Their Types

Anxiety disorders are common among people of all ages. In fact, anxiety is the most common mental health issue. According to the Anxiety and...
List of phobias

List Of Phobias: The Ultimate List Of The Top 100 Phobias

Phobia refers to an extreme or irrational fear of certain situations, objects, place, thing, or people. They are much more than normal fear and...
how to stop panic attack

How To Stop Panic Attacks

Prepare yourself by recognizing the symptoms of a panic attack. This may include sweating, nausea, or a rapid heart rate. Stop what you’re doing and breathe deeply. Stay in place as it helps confront the panic attack. Once you’ve controlled your breathing, distract yourself with a relaxing activity. And never hesitate to seek help from a therapist.
most common phobias and how to overcome

10 Most Common Phobias And How To Overcome Them

According to the National Institute Of Mental Health, approximately 10% of adults are prone to phobias. The underlying reason for phobias are numerous, including,...