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11 Healthy Foods That Will Make You Happy

Serotonin and dopamine are chemicals in the brain that regulate your mood. So, include foods that boost these happy hormones. For example, banana smoothies with chia seeds in the morning and fatty fish with some greens for lunch can promote serotonin production. Keeping your gut healthy with the right foods will also keep you happy. Read on to know 11 healthy foods that will give your mood a boost.
health benefits of oysters

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Oysters You Must Know

Zinc, protein, calcium, B Vitamins. There is very little nutrition that oysters don’t provide. They offer a healthier heart, sturdier bones, better immunity, and better sex among many others. Iron in oysters help prevent anemia in women who experiences heavy menstrual periods. They are not without side effects though.

6 Common Foods That Could Cause Serious Health Issues

While we happily munch on our favorite burger, hot dog, or patties, we don't realize the threat of the illnesses that come along with it. Most poultry food like turkey, chicken, and meat like beef or seafood like raw oysters fall in the category of such foods. You should know how these can cause trouble and also know how to buy, cook and eat them for a safer, healthier you. Organic food sources and proper temperature treatment are two options.
Bring Your Sexy Back By Taking Care Of Your Health

7 Natural Ways To Get Your Sexy Back

Who has the time or energy for sex these days? With increasing demands at work, financial worries, relationship strains, and all the other responsibilities...
Fish To Eat And Which Ones To Avoid

5 Of The Healthiest Fish To Eat And 3 To Avoid Completely

We all know we need at least 2 servings of fish a week, but the kind of fish we choose to eat is equally...
Every fish has its own nutritional values

Top 10 Fish Ranked According To Their Nutritional Benefits

Fish is a healthy source of numerous nutrients that the human body needs. They are known for high protein content, omega-3 fatty acid content,...

6 Foods That Add Fat-Burning Copper To Your Diet

If you’re looking to add fat-burning copper to your diet, eat eastern oysters and other shellfish. Sunflower seeds, nuts like cashew nuts and almonds, millet, and green leafy vegetables like kale are also rich in copper. You might be amazed to know that eating dark chocolate can also increase your copper intake.

Foods To Improve Sperm Count

Low sperm count affects more men today than ever before. Our lifestyle and dietary habits have a huge impact on the reproductive system and...

9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

It’s good to know if you’re allergic to a type of shellfish called oysters. After all, shellfish are some of the most common allergens...