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Natural And Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your “Feel Good” Hormones

Indulge in physical activity for 30 mins or more daily. You can choose to walk, run, do yoga or even dance to elevate the feel good factor. Bask in sunlight at every given opportunity and fill up more on spicy foods, chocolate, nuts, seeds. Try relaxation techniques like listening to calming music or getting a full body massage. And yes, don't forget to smile often!

9 Vital Pregnancy Hormones From Conception To Birth

It is indeed interesting for a would-be-mom to understand what changes happen inside her body as her baby continues to grow and develop inside...

Why Do Men And Women React Differently To Stress?

When in stress, women release oxytocin that makes them feel secure and nurturing. Men, instead, release testosterone that gives them a sense of accomplishment. These are self-boosting de-stress cycles. Cortisol (stress hormone) both induces and opposes the two hormones, making the fight against stress a constant struggle. Women are inherently more stressed than men.

4 Best Tips For Birth Partners To Support A Woman In Labor

Expecting fathers are often helpless when deafened by labor screams of their wives. Educate yourself about the physical and emotional progression of women in labor. List comfort techniques you can use. Know when you need to push others away to give the mother her space. Give her all the love to get her Oxytocin (hormone responsible for contractions) levels up.

Oxytocin Is More Than Just A Love Hormone!

Oxytocin has shown to improve the quality of life, leaving you healthier and happier. It enhances mother-child bonding and helps in breastfeeding and childbirth. It boosts sex drive, loyalty, and intimacy between lovers, making it ideal for couple therapy. It makes you more social, while discouraging drug and alcohol addiction. It fosters trust and calms your nerves.

Skin and Brain: Uncovering New Links

While scientific research during the past century has focused on identifying and studying separate somatic structures, functions and conditions, the newest discoveries spanning many...