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5 Natural Painkillers You Already Own

OTC painkillers are convenient, but they pose a risk for side effects like liver and kidney damage. Play it safe by using natural remedies when possible. Dealing with a headache or menstrual cramps? Turn to peppermint or ginger. Clove is great for toothaches, while garlic can treat headaches, migraines, and sciatica. Turmeric is amazing for arthritis, especially when combined with ginger. These natural painkillers can be used fresh or as capsules, powders, extracts, or teas.
The Benefits Of Dandelion Root Coffee

The Benefits Of Drinking Dandelion Root Instead Of Coffee

If you love your daily coffee substitute, there’s really no reason to feel guilty about it. As long as you don’t add tons of...

7 Foods You Should Be Eating After You Turn Forty

Forty is the age when we begin our slow progress into aging and when we require good food. Fresh vegetables are a great source of nutrients and minerals. Berries are rich in antioxidants and citrus fruits help build immunity in later life. Fish provide nutrition in the form of protein and omega 3 fats. Vegetables of the cabbage family can repair most oxidative damage in the body. Water ties it all together and helps systems function smoothly.

5 Ways To Recover Better Than You Worked Out

After working out, the benefits take place during recovery. Whatever you do during this time makes a difference. Start by supplementing with BCAAs, a group of amino acids needed for protein synthesis. Exercise degrades BCAAs, but supplements will replenish your levels. Eating antioxidant-rich foods will also control oxidative stress. To aid neuromuscular recovery, chill out in the sauna. Finally, meditation and doing lightweight activity will maintain brain and muscle function.
Citronella has many great uses in and around the house.

4 Uses Of Citronella Oil: From Insect Repellent To Stress Relief

Citronella shows anti-fungal and antibacterial activity which makes it a great choice to use as a natural pesticide. Components in citronella seem to show antioxidant activity as well. Citronella may be effective as a form of aromatherapy to help one relax. It can also be a great insect repellent as it masks odors that insects are attracted to. Use the highest quality oil for all of these remedies.

The Benefits Of Honey And Telling Fake And Real Honey Apart

Honey is a viscous miracle with oodles of health benefits. Honey has been in use since thousands of years. Different cultures around the world...

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Taurine For The Eyes

Taurine is an important amino acid that is abundantly available in the human body and found in the eyes, heart muscles, white blood cells, skeletal muscles, and the central nervous system. It plays an important role in the enhancement and maintenance of eyesight. Its antioxidant property fights against free radicals that cause cell and membrane damage in the eyes. It also protects the tissues from stress-related damage.

5 Impressive Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Therapy

An infrared sauna is a modern version of the traditional sauna. It uses infrared warmers instead of steam, heaters, or stoves. The heat can improve blood pressure and cardiac output, making it a natural treatment for people with heart disease. It’ll also spark a temporary period of oxidative stress, which strengthens cell function. Finally, research has found that infrared therapy relieves pain, enhances wound healing, and helps muscle recovery post intense endurance exercise.

7 Health Benefits Of Acai Berries You Should Know About

The acai berry has been used by the indigenous people of the amazon for a long time and for good reason, it has so many benefits up it sleeve that it cannot be ignored for its use in your health. They are a good source of antioxidants, they aid in digestion, they are good for the skin, improve cognitive function, gives an energy boost, helps in weight loss and has cancer fighting agents.
Health benefits of drinking lemon water

9 Need To Know Benefits Of Lemon Water

Lemon water has a multitude of benefits that can be very simple and effective for your body and mind. It can also act as a soothing drink which keeps you hydrated for a longer time than regular water. Some of the benefits of lemon water include, helping in digestion, aiding in weight loss, keeping you hydrated, boosting the immune system, preventing oxidation, lowering hypertension, fighting skin damage, a unique source of nutrition and as a natural mouth cleanser.
Vanilla Pod

6 Wonderful Benefits Of Vanilla Pods

Vanilla is an aromatic and commercially viable orchid. Beans of vanilla are the fruit pods of the plant. This tropical orchid exists in three...
Premature graying of hair can indicate some health issues)

What Gray Hair Says About Your Health

Unsightly strands of gray hair on your head are always unwelcome. They often indicate that you are getting older. But, what if they arrive...
Banaba leaves have great benefits

6 Great Health Benefits Of Banaba Leaves You Should Know

Banaba leaves help control blood sugar, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, fight fatty liver disease, show antioxidant activity and cancer-fighting activity. They also aid weight loss. They have great benefits but they are not recommended for use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or take hyperglycemic drugs. They are commonly available as supplements. Consult your doctor before trying them out.

5 Major Health Benefits Of Drinking Orange Pekoe Tea

Drinking tea used to be a social activity. But, as people discovered the advantages of drinking black tea, tea drinking has become a fitness and health trend. Numerous varieties of tea are available in the market today and have made their way to our kitchens. The health benefits that black tea has to offer are numerous. Its high antioxidant properties and therapeutic qualities have made this drink indispensable.
Eat a handful of almonds daily to stay healthy

6 Reasons Why You Should Eat A Handful Of Almonds Daily

Almonds are great additions to one's diet. They contain protein, fat, minerals like magnesium and vitamins like vitamin E. These nutrients help control blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and help fight things like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease. They are great for diabetics since they are low in carbs. They are high in fat so be careful to stick to the serving size.