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These myths surrounding oral sex just aren't true.

7 Widely Held Oral Sex Myths Busted

Sex in itself is still taboo and can make people squeamish, so imagine how uncomfortable people can get if you start talking about oral...

5 Tips To Help Delay A Guy’s Orgasm

If you're a guy who's tired of all those times you've finished too soon, worry no more. Try simple tips like the start-stop technique, the squeeze technique, pelvic floor exercises, yoga, and deep breathing to delay your orgasm and last longer in bed. You could also try distracting yourself during sex by pleasuring your partner, having frequent sex, and masturbating before sex.
The Truth About Sex After Menopause

10 Truths About Having Sex After You Hit Menopause

Menopause brings about a drastic shift in your body’s hormone cycle, which affects almost every aspect of your life. Along with fluctuations in your...
Weird Facts About Your Clitoris)

6 Weird Bits Of Trivia About Your Clitoris

Despite being such an important part of our body, the clitoris remains shrouded in mystery. Most men can’t seem to find it without a...
The orgasm isn't a myth, and is totally achievable

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions If You’ve Never Had An Orgasm

As a woman, it's no news that orgasms are hard to reach when you're having sex. Going solo frequently brings the right results, but...

Female Impotence: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Female impotence refers to a sexual problem that a woman may face during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents her and her partner from experiencing sexual satisfaction. This problem can be cured, and the first step to treating female impotence is understanding its causes and symptoms. Female impotence may be the result of either a psychological or a physical problem, and may lead to a number of problems like inhibited sexual desire and painful intercourse. Factors like menopause, age, and a hysterectomy operation may also lead to a lack of interest in sex. With a strong family support to go hand in hand with appropriate medication, sexual impotence in women can be easily cured and the couple can resume having a happy, healthy sex life.

5 Orgasm Disorders That You Should Be Aware Of

Some people never have orgasms, some have them more often than they’d like to, while others have painful orgasms. Even sneezing or getting a headache before or during an orgasm are actual phenomenons. Disrupted nerve signals, abnormalities in the pelvic muscles, and imbalanced hormones play a huge part in the type, intensity, and frequency of your orgasms. Mental stress too has an impact.
How to have an orgasm without ejaculation

Simple Methods To Have An Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Being able to control the ejaculation helps men achieve multiple orgasms. But, during love-making, most men experience a short orgasm and ejaculate immediately. A prolonged orgasm is more pleasurable and gives you more time to enjoy the session with your partner and enables both of you to achieve an orgasm together. This is not only more pleasurable for both partners but also strengthens the bond between the two. Simple methods can help delay ejaculation and prolong orgasms.
Masturbation Helps Improve Your Sexual Life

5 Reasons Why Masturbation Is Good For You

Masturbation is no longer seen as something evil. It is now viewed as a healthy practice that can stimulate the sexual life. People who masturbate regularly are able to relieve their stress, improve their immunity, and even strengthen the sexual muscles. Masturbation can also help ease the menstrual cramps and achieve orgasm during the intercourse.

8 Different Types Of Orgasms A Woman Can Have

Apart from the dizzying rush of pleasure, it gives you, there are a whole lot of other health benefits to getting an orgasm every now and then. From treating migraines and curing stress to bringing down pain, and boosting your immune system, orgasms really are a cure-all. Before you learn to give yourself one of these orgasms, it is important to understand the mechanisms of each type and what precautions you need to take before getting adventurous with your privates. Bear in mind however, that good sex is not always about orgasms, but about what keeps your partner and more importantly, you feeling happy. The key is to take your time, explore each other, and be open about what you want in bed.
The reasons behind the late climax or not reaching a climax at all

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Are Unable To Orgasm

The female orgasm is a complex neural mechanism that is not often spoken about for fear of stigma. There can be several reasons why a woman is unable to reach orgasm during sex, and these reasons can be physical or psychological in nature. From stress, anxiety and depression to urinary incontinence and the wrong shoes, there can be many reasons why one is unable to have an orgasm. Consider some of these reasons to see how you can resolve the underlying issue and enjoy a healthy sexual life.
More than 3 out of 4 women have faked an orgasm once in their life.

5 Common Reasons Women Fake Orgasms

It is common knowledge that women definitely have a harder time climaxing than men. For a lot of women, the orgasm is like a...

7 Facts About Erections You Might Not Know

Your penis is a fascinating part of your body. It seems to have a mind of its own. Getting an erection in the inappropriate...
Health Benefits Of Orgasms

6 Health Benefits Of Frequent Orgasms

Orgasms (and sex) are the reason for life itself so it’s no surprise that they are extremely important. But apart from ensuring the survival...

6 Things All Men Should Learn About Vaginas

Far too many men think of vaginas as mysterious objects and far too many women suffer because of this. Great sex can bring the...