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buying non-GMO and organic produce

6 Tips To Help You Shop For Non-GMO Produce

Genetically modified foods are all around us. There's an increases awareness about how to choose GMO-free produce these days, thanks to several scientific reports that brought to light the health risks of GM foods. While buying organic produce, choose foods that are labeled with "certified organic" or have the PLU number starting with 9. As much as possible buy from local farmers and consumer more seasonal produce.

5 Things To Do While Eating To Prevent Bloating

Eating is a full-time activity for all of us, especially with us eating at least thrice a day throughout our lives. We don’t pay much attention to what we eat or how we eat and do it involuntarily, which results in many digestive problems including bloating. It is important to eat the right food the right way for a healthy digestive system and prevent stomach bloating.
Turmeric can be used in the form of powder and turmeric tincture.)

Turmeric: In Which Form Is It Best Used?

When turmeric was initially discovered, it was used to prepare dyes and just as a coloring agent. Later, when its medicinal properties were proved,...

8 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself On Your Period

You're likely to feel under the weather so use these self-care tips to give your body the TLC it needs. Relax and drink herbal teas to ease cramping. Try to eat healthy, light food. Women who exercise seem to experience less pain, so give that a try. Draw a warm bath with Epsom salts to relax your muscles. Make sure to get enough rest during this time as well.
Do away with regular cotton bras and opt for the organic hemp bra.)

Opt To Replace Your Regular Bra With An Organic Hemp Bra

We have come to believe that cotton is the best and most skin-friendly fabric available in the market today. This is the reason most...

How To Minimize Your Exposure To Toxins

It’s impossible to avoid toxins, but certain habits can limit your exposure. Avoid using anti-bacterial soap, which has hormone-disrupting triclosan. Use castile soap instead. It’s simple, natural, and can be used as hand soap, body wash, and dish soap. The aluminum salts in antiperspirant deodorants aren't healthy as well. Use homemade versions instead! Buy organic food to avoid GMOs and pesticides. At home, use BPA-free products and filter drinking water.

The Role of Vitamin C In The Treatment Of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC)

Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a condition that is characterized by problems due to both clotting and bleeding. The fundamental physiological problem in DIC...
Some fruits and vegetables are harmful due to pesticide use

Fruits And Vegetables You Should Always Buy Organic

The Environmental Working Group shared 12 fruits and veggies that are most likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues. Strawberries took the first place, so whatever you do, always buy organic strawberries. Next up was spinach, nectarines, apples, peaches, and pears, in that order. Over the last few years, the pesticides on these foods have significantly increased. To be safe, go organic even when buying canned or packaged versions of all these foods.
Harsh Disinfectants May Not be As Helpful As We Think In Our Daily Lives.

Keep Your Home And Body Clean Without Using Harsh Chemical Disinfectants

When Joseph Lister popularized the use of antiseptic in hospitals in the late 18th century, he drastically brought down the mortality rate of patients...
Deodorants are toxic

Is Your Deodorant Toxic? Try These 5 Organic Alternatives!

The deodorants that we use on a daily basis contain toxic chemicals. The toxins could cause skin irritation and imbalance the pH levels. Instead, opt for natural alternatives, such as baking soda, lemon juice, and coconut oil. They are organic, safe, inexpensive, and efficiently fight body odor!
How to eat bread without putting on weight.

How You Can Eat Bread When You’re Trying To Lose Weight

Bread is a fast-digesting food that could make you feel hungry, even if your body does not require more food. However, by following these tips and tricks, you can eat bread in a healthier way, without worrying about gaining weight. Whole grain bread, fermented bread, and organic bread are some of the breads that will not add up extra pounds.
Guidelines For Homemade Dog Food

Going Green With Your Dog’s Food

Deciding to give your dog homemade food is a big step in reducing your carbon foot-print and going green. Here’s a quick read-through to...

6 Toxins In Feminine Hygiene Products And 4 Safer Alternatives

Your pads and tampons may not be as safe as you think. Feminine hygiene products are loaded with harmful chemicals like dioxins, glyphosate, rayon, mercury, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. Exposure to these chemicals over long durations will drastically affect your health in the long run. Try safer alternatives like organic, disposable pads and tampons, reusable pads, menstrual cups, and period panties.

7 Solutions To Common Colored Hair Problems

Damage to hair caused by coloring is inevitable, but you can control the degree of damage that occurs. Avoid brushing your hair when wet, pat it dry instead of blow drying, and avoid flat irons and curling rods. Also, reduce the number of times you wash your hair in a week, and start a conditioning ritual with organic coconut oil before and after washes.
Tea is not all that great, it does contain some toxic substances if consumed a lot.

4 Toxic Effects Of Tea You Did Not Know About

If you drink tea, choose wisely. Cheaper teas have higher levels of fluoride. This mineral isn’t dangerous, but in high amounts, it can be harmful. Symptoms of acute toxicity include nausea, stomach pain, and vomiting. Instead, buy high-quality loose tea. Bagged teas are made with older leaves, so it’s best to go with fresh loose ones. White tea has less fluoride than green, black, or oolong. Before buying tea, always check the expiration day. When possible, buy local and organic.