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Is The Fish You Buy Safe To Eat? Remember These Tips

When you live far from the coastline, the fish that reaches you is rarely fresh, even if supermarkets and restaurateurs claim otherwise. Countries like America execute the best fishing practices so fish caught here is usually safe to eat. Wild-caught fish is safer to eat than farmed fish, provided one picks smaller fish from the lower rungs of the food chain, while fish that's labeled "organic" is best avoided.

Grocery Shopping On A Budget: When And What To Buy Organic

There is a lot to grocery shopping than just buying fruits and vegetables that look right to you. If you are purchasing an apple...

Eating Organic On A Budget: 7 Things You Should Know

If you want to make some changes in your diet and go the organic way, there are some fool-proof ways to make it happen without going broke. For example, you could try to cut down on another expense to save money for your organic produce or get coupons to cut down the cost. You could also just buy produce that is grown locally and seasonally so that it is better for the wallet, health and the environment.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kale

Kale is a low calorie, dark green leafy vegetable that's rich in vitamins A, C, and K. It's also high in calcium, potassium, folate, and fiber. Antioxidants in kale protect against inflammatory disorders. Kale is sweeter than most other leafy vegetables and can be cooked several different ways. Quick cooking preserves its nutrients and adding it to fats enhances their absorption. Buy organic kale or grow your own to avoid residual pesticides.

Top 8 Foods To Give A Healthy Start To Your Day

When you start your day, it is very important for you to feel fresh, energized, and keep any irritation in the body away. To...

Love Chocolate? Make A Healthy Choice With These 7 Tips

To get the most out of chocolate, learn how to pick the right kind. Look for minimal ingredients that list cocoa or cacao first. Experts recommend eating dark chocolate that’s 72 percent cocoa or higher. Watch out for allergen and high-fructose corn syrup, or any of its variations. For optimal benefits, buy organic and fair-trade. Choose quality over quality! A small bar of dark chocolate is better than a large bag of milk chocolate.

6 Mistakes People Make While Shopping For Healthy Groceries

Shopping for healthy groceries is on top of any healthy living checklist. But, most products are deceptively healthy. Gluten-free products miss out on fiber, B vitamins, iron, and calcium. Fruit juices increase blood sugar levels and lack fiber. Energy bars have excess calories and sugar. Organic produce is not necessarily healthier than conventional produce. Imported food is lower in nutritional quality than local and seasonal food. The color of eggshells doesn't indicate nutritional quality.

7 Reasons Why Organic Farming Is The Best

For a long time, critics of organic farming believed that this method of farming was simply not realistic for our current population. Modern farming...

Understanding The Labels “Organic,” “Natural,” And “Fresh”

Food labels don't shed light on whether the product is healthy. Only the labels "100% organic," or "organic" have organic contents. Other labels might contain only 70% of organic ingredients. The label "natural" refers to anything that doesn't have artificial or synthetic additives. But, it permits products produced with hormones and pesticides. The label "fresh" implies unprocessed food that's in its raw state. However, it permits additives, pesticides, and other treatment methods.

5 Ways To Enhance The Benefits Of A Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is a low-carb diet that can increase your nutrient intake and stabilize your blood sugar, thereby reducing the risk of diseases and promoting a healthy weight. To enhance the benefits, eat organic food, dairy, legumes, and quality meat. Reduce the intake of paleo processed foods as they contain sweeteners and additives. Increasing your fiber intake can reduce the risk of constipation that comes with a low-carb diet.

Decoding The PLU Code On Fruits And Vegetables

The "Price Look-Up" code was first used in 1990 to make inventory and checkout easier, faster, and more effective for supermarkets. However, some might indicate how the food was produced. Organic products are believed to have a five-digit number beginning with a nine. But, organic products also have a USDA seal. A four-digit number might indicate conventionally grown food. Lastly, a five-digit number beginning with an eight might indicate genetically engineered food.
Always Buy These 12 Foods Organic

The Dirty Dozen: Fruits And Veggies You Must Eat Organic

A healthy diet must have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. We make sure of this every time we shop at the produce section....

How To Reverse Toxin Build Up To Lose Weight

A build up of toxins in our bodies over time makes it difficult to lose weight. A fiber-rich diet and drinking lots of water will help flush most of these toxins out while exercising can also help rid your body of all its toxins through sweating. Eating organic foods and choosing all-natural cleaning products can further reduce your exposure to chemicals that are bad for your health.
Chemicals in water might worsen allergy symptoms.

5 Tips To Improve Water Quality At Home And Prevent Allergies

Millions of people around the world suffer from various allergies. While some of us are prone to dust allergy, some others are allergic to...

5 Detox Steps Everyone Must Follow

Today's world, there are no guarantees of a disease-free life no matter how clean your lifestyle is. Even if food choices are healthy, unhealthy habits can lead to a toxic environment from a stressful lifestyle or unresolved emotional issues. This puts pressure on the body's natural detox process so you need to support it through other means like getting enough sleep, hydration, exercise, and staying away from excess plastics or pesticide-ridden produce.