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5 Ways Oregano Can Boost Your Health According To Science

Oregano is a delicious, versatile herb that offers benefits beyond seasoning. It’s a surprisingly good source of vitamin K, a nutrient needed for healthy blood clotting. Its active compounds carvacrol and thymol have antioxidant properties. This means they can protect DNA from damage by finding and destroying free radicals. Carvacrol and thymol even have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory activity as seen in test-tube studies.

Health Benefits Of Your Favorite Foods

Popular foods like potato, berries, oats, and chocolate are not only delicious but also healthy! Most of them are loaded with antioxidants, which promote your heart and brain health. Although not strictly considered foods, oregano and green tea are other popular yet healthy options to include in your diet. However, remember to enjoy them in moderation as eating too much could cause more harm than good.

Decongest Your Lungs With This Homemade Oregano Tea

Oregano prevents oxidative damage by free radicals, and is also great for boosting one’s immunity since it is rich in essential minerals and vitamins. Being antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory in nature, oregano can further help treat various infections naturally without causing any harmful side effects. The herb also acts like an antihistamine, which further helps stave off allergic reactions triggered by the release of histamine by the body.

7 Natural Antibiotics You Can Use For Better Health

Nature has its own sources of antibiotics that may help fight bacterial infections. Honey, garlic, and ginger extracts are known for their antimicrobial properties and may reduce bacterial infections. Similarly, oregano and thyme essential oils may help as well. Echinacea extract may fight respiratory infections like a sore throat and myrrh extract may help as well.

5 Anti-Cancer Essential Oils You Need In Your Life

With the right essential oils, you can lower the risk for cancer. Chamomile oil contains apigenin, a flavonoid that forces cancer cells to die. Thyme and oregano essential oils both have antioxidants called thymol and carvacrol. In the body, these substances find and destroy free radicals. With rosemary oil, the DNA in cancer cells won’t stand a chance. Even aromatic frankincense oil will seek out cancerous cells and stop abnormal tissue growth.
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essential oils for sinus

Essential Oils For Sinus And How To Use Them

Often caused by seasonal allergies, sinus congestion can make it difficult for you to breathe or sleep. To make your own sinus relief essential oil blend - add 70 drops eucalyptus oil, 10 drops each of rosemary verbenon, peppermint, and tea tree oil to a 5ml euro dropper bottle and mix well. For best results, use the blend (1-3 drops) as a respiratory steam.

Top 10 Herbs To Grow Indoors

If you have a log splitter, you might consider growing your own cooking herbs indoors. Logs make excellent pots because they provide a consistent...

3 Easy To Grow Culinary Herbs

Gardening tips to get started - Garlic Chives: This anti-microbial herb likes full sun, moderate watering and a well-drained soil (any type). Oregano: It does well in full sun/partial shade and dry, well-drained soil. Do a deep watering once every week or two. Peppermint: It likes rich soil and some sun, but in hot climates, make sure it gets some afternoon shade.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Yellow Toenails

Yellow toenails, although usually benign, can be embarrassing in social gatherings and painful in some cases. These easy natural home remedies will help you get rid of any underlying infections/conditions causing the discoloration. Heal you toenails with these simple applications before the condition becomes severe and difficult to treat.
Get Healthy Now With The Power Of Oregano Oil

Get Healthy Now With The Power Of Oregano Oil

Fresh or dried oregano contains many immune boosting qualities. Oregano essential oil is often used to ward off illness. It is one of the most powerful antimicrobial essential oils. High in DNA repair activity, it provides antioxidant protection and also cleans the body. It also works well when applied to inflamed areas, swollen tonsils and glands.

Food for Brain: Sharpen Mind And Live Longer

Brain Foods: Eggs, Leafy green vegetables, lean beef, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, dark chocolate, salmon, ground cinnamon and dried oregano, walnuts, whole grains and yogurt. Add plenty of water since proper hydration help brain function. Avoid fried foods and include Omega 3 rich foods, essential for cognitive processing.