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6 Benefits Of Onion For Hair Growth As Per Scientific Research

Onion juice is an effective remedy for alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition. If your hair loss is due to bacterial or fungal infections and free radical damage, the sulfur compounds and quercetin, an antioxidant, in onions can help. The sulfur can also strengthen your hair. Onions also spur the activity of your natural antioxidants against hydrogen peroxide that causes hair graying. Apply the juice directly on your scalp.

Can Onions Help Ward Off Flu?

The thought that the humble onion can battle respiratory infections might seem ludicrous. Here’s why the onion that gets you all teary-eyed can also be incredibly soothing and ease symptoms of flu, bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis.

6 Superfoods Readily Available In Your Kitchen

You don't need to go out of your way to plan a nutrient-rich diet. All you need are some superfoods, you can normally find stocked in your kitchen. Garlic, ginger, honey, lemons, tomatoes, and onions can speed up recovery process and help maintain overall health. They fight cancer-causing free radicals, stabilize blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

9 Foods That Should Not Be Refrigerated

Oils thicken up and get cloudy if refrigerated. Coffee (ground or beans) loses its flavor and absorbs odors from the fridge. Bananas and tomatoes lose flavor, texture and stop ripening naturally. Starch in potatoes converts into sugar, making it sweet or gritty. Moisture turns onions soft and moldy, makes garlic sprout prematurely, crystallizes honey and dries up fresh herbs.

11 Tips To Get Rid Of Garlic And Onion Odor In Your Breath

You can minimize the odor caused by sulfur compounds in garlic and onions. Soak sliced onion in water, lime juice or vinegar solution for some time before cooking. After eating, chew on carrots, parsley, cardamom, coffee beans or suck a lemon wedge. Drink some green or peppermint tea, apple juice or milk. Use lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or baking soda solution as a mouthwash.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Your Body Odor

There is a lot more to that musky smell than you think. Brace yourself! We're about to get really REAL about BO. It's gross, but hey, it...
How To Eliminate Your Cough In One Day?

4 Easy Home Remedies For Cough

Onion syrup - Peel onion skin, cut into 4 pieces. Add to a pot of water and boil. Cook until half the water is left. Cool and strain. Drink twice a day. Turmeric remedy - add 1/2 tsp of turmeric water to 1/2 tsp table salt and 1 cup hot water. Use as a throat gargle. Ginger remedy - Chop into fine pieces. Add to 1 cup water, boil till half the water is left. Strain the liquid.
Onion for hair growth

How To Use Onion For Hair Growth?

Onions have rich sulfur content. When applied on the scalp alone, or in combination with other hair loss remedies, it improves blood circulation, bringing nutrients and nourishment to follicles and promoting hair growth. It also improves production of collagen tissues necessary for hair growth. Its anti-bacterial properties prevents growth of fungi and bacteria on the scalp.

Home Remedies For Boils

What Are Boils? One of the several dreaded skin problems that teenage people are afraid of is the painful boil. It is a sore that...
How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows

How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows Naturally?

For thick eyebrows: Apple Castor oil, massage it gently and leave it overnight, Coconut oil contains nutrients like vitamin E and iron , Aloe Vera juice nourishes the hair follicles and boosts hair growth, apply Onion juice on your eyebrow, massage 5 minutes and Fenugreek seeds are rich in protein and promote thick hair growth.
Onion For Hair Growth

Juice Your Onion For Hair Growth And Healthy Hair

Onion lends great taste and flavour to everyday dishes, but did you know that when applied topically, it can lead to hair growth and...
Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

Bread can turn stale if refrigerated. Honey will crystallize if refrigerated. Any type of oil should not be refrigerated, they should be stored in a dark, cool place. Coffee will start absorbing other smells and lose it's lovely aroma. The starch in potatoes break down, once refrigerated which changes their taste. Onions become mushy when stored in the fridge.
Onion and Garlic

Ayurveda On Rajasic and Tamasic Foods: Onion and Garlic

Purity of diet purifies the antahkaran (heart): A purified antahkaran stabilises the mind which aids meditation and after mastering meditation, the baser instincts are instantly...
Does Onion Really Help Hair Growth

Onion Juice For Hair Growth: Boost Hair Health

Onion keeps the scalp dandruff-free and hair roots unclogged. A major cause for male pattern baldness is Genetic sensitivity to DHT. Onions provide nourishment to hair follicles that have been blocked by DHT sensitivity or due to lack of nutrients. About 74% of people in a study with alopecia areata experienced hair re-growth after using onion juice.
14 Ways How Onions Add Punch To Your Food And Health.

14 Ways How Onions Add Punch To Your Food And Health.

The onion, known scientifically as Allium cepa, derives its name from the Latin word unio, which means "single," or "one"—reflecting of the onion plant...