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Top Supplements And Herbals For Stressed Out Women

Top Supplements And Herbals For Stressed Out Women

Stress and its manifestations are the biggest crisis facing women in the 21st century. I just don’t think our bodies are designed to function...
Oil Pulling The Natural Way To Get Cleaner Mouth and Whiter Teeth-

Oil Pulling: Natural Remedy For Healthy Oral Care

When it comes to deciding what to put in your body, the answer is easy now: it’s primarily plant-based food. It’s changed my life...
Papaya Masks, Oil And Vinegar For Glowing Skin

20 Papaya Recipes For Glowing Skin: Masks, Vinegar, And Oil

Papaya's versatility lends itself to a range of recipes that bust skin problems. The papain in it dissolves dead skin and makes for a good addition to face and body exfoliants to reduce dirt and grime in skin's pores. Add vitamin E oil, honey, and yogurt for a moisturizing face pack. With apple cider vinegar, papaya busts acne. The peel of papaya makes for a good anti-aging ingredient.
Amazing Foods To Eliminate Joint Pain Naturally.

Amazing Foods To Eliminate Joint Pain Naturally

Studies state that ginger extract consumed four times a day are effective in reducing joint pain. Fruits with anti-oxidant properties reduce inflammation, thereby reducing joint pain. They include blueberries, cherries, strawberries, rhubarbs, cauliflowers and apples. Other natural relievers include olive oil, avocado oil, honey and cinnamon.
Creamy Avocado For Shiny, Thick And Smooth Hair

Creamy Avocado For Shiny, Thick And Smooth Hair

One of the main causes for hair loss or slow hair growth is Vitamin deficiency. Avocados are high in vitamins B and E, which...
Magnesium Miracle Mineral For All Skin Problems

Benefits Of Magnesium For Skin: Miracle Mineral For Beauty Problems

Magnesium fosters good health in the body by regulating blood pressure, lowering the risk of cardio-vascular disease, preventing migraines and reducing menstrual cramps. It...
Benefits of Almond Oil

Benefits of Almond Oil For Hair And Skin

Almond oil, known for decades as a beauty and health aid, has multitude of benefits which include hair and skin care.  Most of you won't...

The All Natural Prescription For Fighting Colds & Flu.

Being aware of Seasonal Changes: Just as the seasons change, cold and flu season begins. Rapid changes in air pressure, temperatures and sun exposure all...

5 Vegetable Oils You Must Stop Using Now!

Grape Seed Oil: Overdose of omega-6, is inflammatory and has processed substances like hexane. Canola Oil: Over 87% is genetically modified and contains erucic acid. Vegetable Oil: High on phytic acid and trypsin which blocks vitamin digestion. Vegan Butter Substitutes are a mix of canola and soybean oil. Corn Oil: Again genetically modified and inflammatory.
5 Amazing Healthy Tips For A Smarter Brain.

5 Amazing Health Tips For A Healthier Brain.

There are many tips that a person can use to maintain keep the brain healthy. There are always those typical solutions such as challenging...

Need Some Mental Clarity – Try The Neti Pot.

  When your nose is stopped up, stuffy, and you can't breathe, it feels like it is the only thing on your face. But I...
Asthma Epidemic-Role Of Antibiotics, Probiotics & Fish Oils.

Asthma Epidemic-Role Of Antibiotics, Probiotics & Fish Oils.

Asthma Rates Have Reached Epidemic Proportions- Understanding the Role Of Antibiotics, Probiotics, And Fish Oils Introduction Asthma is a breathing disorder characterized by spasm and swelling of...
Abhyanga - The Healing Daily Ayurvedic Massage.

Abhyanga – The Healing Daily Ayurvedic Massage.

Unlike conventional western massage, Abhyanga herbal oil therapy is NOT a massage therapy. What is Abhyanga Massage Therapy? Abhyanga (meaning applying oil to one’s body) is...
The Top 8 Foods That Blast Fat.

The Top 8 Foods That Blast Fat

The top foods that help blast fat are Avocados, Wild Salmon, Raw Nuts, Hot Peppers and Mustard, Green tea, Olive oil, and Garbanzo beans. Also people who are deficient in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, Magnesium and Zinc, have a higher percentage of body fat and belly fat. All these foods help you lose weight and attain optimum health.

14 Ways To Energize Your Aging Brain Cells With Cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum in the family Lauraceae. While Cinnamomum verum is...