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3 Environmental Factors Of Obesity You Should Be Aware Of

Today obesity is linked more with environmental and lifestyle factors than with genetic or biological ones. Eating unhealthy fast foods enticed by food ads and reducing physical activity are major lifestyle causes of obesity. People with a low socioeconomic status are more prone to such habits due to their lack of access to physical activities and nutritious food.

10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Fennel Seeds

Eating fennel seeds lowers blood pressure in hypertension patients. Avoid them if you already have low blood pressure or kidney problems. The seeds promote lactation in breastfeeding mothers and relieve menstrual problems such as PMS, menopause, and dysmenorrhea. They also have anticancer, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to lose weight, eat fennel seeds because they suppress appetite. They are great for relieving digestive problems and preventing water retention. They also increase your red blood cell count and strengthen your immune system.

Panchakarma Treatment For Weight Loss

Weight-loss is an issue that most people deal with at some point in their lives. Everyone wants to look good, feel fit and sport...
is eating late at night bad

Is Eating Late At Night Bad For You?

A midnight snack or a quick bite sounds seemingly harmless. But routine night-time eating could be masking other problems like sleep-related eating disorder or night-eating syndrome and may lead to issues like indigestion, acid reflux, morning anorexia, anxiety, and raised cholesterol levels. Seeking healthy alternatives like green tea, eating little and often, may help.
side effects of ajinomoto

7 Side Effects Of Consuming Ajinomoto You Didn’t Know

Most Chinese foods and fast foods contain Ajinomoto. Research on its side-effects show that it is best avoided. It is known to cause infertility, migraine, chest pain, hypertension, and obesity. the side effects discussed here may vary from person to person, but research has shown that it is overall not a recommended ingredient.

Top 15 Alkaline Foods That Can Prevent Cancer, Heart Disease, And Obesity

You body is originally alkaline and is meant to stay so. But increased dependence on processed and junk food has drastically altered the pH...

5 Ayurvedic Tips To Combat Obesity

With over two-thirds of Americans considered obese, the epidemic is continuously on the rise. Lot of us turn toward detoxes to help with weight loss, but most of these do not help in the long term. Some simple Ayurvedic herbs and practices can help you reduce weight and stay healthy.

What Are The Top Health Hazards That You May Encounter For The First Time...

Any birthday milestone that rounds off a decade is a big one. It's an end and a beginning. The 30s are an end to the adventurous youthfulness of the 20s and the start of a more practical you! Career and personal aspirations start to soar and realizing them can be more fulfilling if you keep in mind some health milestones for the body too.

Obesity In Children Is Reaching Epidemic Proportions

Obesity among children is a major crisis in America today. Let's find out what are the key causes and remedial measures that can help reverse the trend?

Is Obesity Killing Your Sex Life?

Low fertility in obese men may create stress for couples trying to conceive. Obesity throws testosterone and estrogen off balance resulting in lower libido and an unpleasant sexual experience. Restricted blood supply to the genitals may cause erectile dysfunction. Stamina and self-confidence take the hit, too. Exercise, eat and sleep well, and set a romantic mood before initiating sex.

Is The Food Guide Or Over-Consumption To Blame For Obesity Problems?

The Food Guide correlates serving size and calories, outlining how much of what you should be eating. It recommends a daily intake of 2400 calories for men and 1800 for women. It needs to be personalized and not taken at face value. Overeating healthy foods is not likely a cause of obesity. Meal deals, cheap junk food, confusing food labels, etc. seem to pose the "bigger” threat.

Is Prostate Cancer Linked To Obesity?

Studies support the fact that obesity is not only linked with an increase in Body Mass Index (BMI), but also with altered levels of numerous hormones (testosterone, estrogen, insulin, and leptin) and dietary intake in terms of the number of calories and the amount of dietary fat, all of which can snowball into a serious risk of prostate cancer.

What Are The Health Risks Associated With Obesity?

Obesity may cause arteriosclerosis leading to strokes, insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, fetal abnormalities, miscarriages, and pregnancy complications. The extra pounds strain your joints, diminishing mobility and stamina. Psychological ill-effects include low self-esteem, depression, and a negative self-image. Exercise regularly and eat healthy to maintain a normal BMI.

Why Is It Important To Control BMI In Your Teenage Years?

Though BMI cannot be used as a definitive diagnostic tool, it is still a good indicator of body fat and obesity. It is important for teens to maintain a healthy BMI as it determines their risk of diseases like type-2 diabetes, asthma, heart disease, etc. during adulthood. Being an obese teen has a detrimental impact on self esteem and can lead to depression, body dissatisfaction and eating disorders.

What Are The Health Risks Associated With Night Shifts?

Disruption of the biological clock or circadian rhythm is an occupational hazard of night shifts. As you try to ward of naturally occurring sleep, the stress causes insulin production to drop spiking your blood glucose levels. Depression, slow responses, and a lowered metabolism are consequences of not sleeping when you should. Simulate night conditions when you do sleep during the day.