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Postpartum Pain – Is It Normal Or Not?

Pain after delivery is common but unpleasant. The pushing and contortions of labor will make you feel washed out, tired, and achy. It could...

8 Shocking Things That Happen To Your Body After Birth

Pregnancy does change one’s life, that’s for sure!!! The change in your body – your growing belly, bigger boobies, swollen ankles and what not?...

Energy-Balancing Techniques For Menopausal Symptoms

In ancient Indian culture, it was widely acknowledged that menopause was a natural process of life that did not require artificial hormone replacement therapy....

How Do I Know I Am In Menopause?

Menopause can be tough on women both physically and mentally. Some of the symptoms can start appearing as early as 35 years. Among hormonal changes, the most common symptom is experiencing hot flashes.

Reduce Hot Flashes And Night Sweats With These 4 Steps

Hot flashes and night sweats are something that are difficult to get rid of. And most of us women have been known to face both or either of these at some point of our lives. Follow these four simple tips to reduce and eliminate hot flashes from your life.

Causes Of Night Sweats: Find Out What It Means

Oft-associated with side-effect of certain medications such as antidepressants, night sweats may have many other underlying health conditions to be blamed. While some of the obvious causes are menopausal transitions, night sweats could also be an early warning sign of lymphatic cancer, or infections such as tuberculosis or HIV progressing to AIDS.