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Bharadvajasana (Lateral Spine Twist) – How To Do It Right

Sit on the floor with legs straight out, back straight, hands by your side, and palms on the ground. Fold left leg and place it on right thigh with left sole facing upwards. Bend right knee to Vajrasana pose. Place right hand palm on left knee. Twist left hand from behind your body and try to touch your right foot. Stay as long as comfortable (max 30-45 secs.).

Yoga Asanas For Spine Health And Weight Loss

A weak spine can make weight loss a lot more difficult. Practicing palm tree pose, swaying tree pose, side bending pose, toe touching pose, cobra pose and locust pose can help strengthen the back. Yoga works as a great exercise as well so practicing these poses on a regular basis will boost weight loss. Combine brisk walks and a healthy diet for best results.

Spine Health Tips And Asanas To Maintain Peak Fitness

Moderate weight bearing activities, regular stretching, correct postures while standing, walking and sitting, regular walking, good diet and nutrition can help maintain a healthy spine. Yoga stretches like upward stretch, side bends, forward bends, backward bends and Inversions can help maintain spine health. Practice asanas under supervision and practice regularly.

Where is the Spine?

Lay face up with knees bent, put hands on hip bones. Locate your pubic bone and check if the hip bones and the pubic bone are all on the same plane. If your pubic bone is pointing towards the roof then you've a posterior tilt and if its pointing downward you've an anterior tilt. Exercises like dead bug, planks and roll- outs will help correct these tilts.
Quick 5 Mins Fix For Your Aching Back

Quick 5 Min Fixes For Your Aching Back

Stand straight and try touching your toes without bending your knees. Failure to do so means your back flexibility is poor and prone to injury. To improve flexibility, practice crocodile breathing, repeated flexion and quadruped knee lifts. These mild exercises will help flex core and lower back muscles. Practice daily till you can touch your toes without warmup.
Types Of Stress And Ways To De-Stress

Types Of Stress And Ways To De-stress

The world is getting more frenzied by the day. All people are made in different ways and they get impacted with varying intensities. All...
Improve Your Squats With These Simple Moves.

Improve Your Squats With These Simple Moves.

The squat is a demanding exercise that requires articular and muscular awakening prior to execution. Unlike the every day squat pattern we do when...
Simple Yoga Stretches For Relieving Chronic Sciatica Pain

Sciatica Pain Relief: Yoga To The Rescue

The Sciatic Nerve The sciatic nerve, the largest single nerve in the body, runs from the lower back, down the back of each leg and...
Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain

Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Pain

Pain is considered chronic when it lasts for weeks, months, and even years.  Etiologies include trauma and conditions such as arthritis, cancer, infection, degenerative...
Lavender: Sooth Your Headaches, Calm Your Nerves and Ease Depression All with One Herb

Lavender: Sooth Your Headaches, Calm Your Nerves and Ease Depression All with One Herb

The essential oils in Lavender soothe headaches, calm nerves, ease depression, dizziness and stress, and will even combat halitosis.  Lavender's antibacterial properties work to...